Demo # 1
(Extremely Rotten Productions)

Californians NECROT might be a young bunch, but they’ve learned their tricks from the masters of Death Metal and applied them convincingly on their debut demo # 1 containing two tracks ‘Consume Control’ and ‘Contagious Pain’. The sound is heavily mudded and reminds me of 90s Relapse 7" series when they were releasing bands like MYTHIC, GOREAPHOBIA and INCANTATION. Both tracks are quite varied in delivery, usually played in mid-tempo with faster outbursts, but never too fast. Deep grunting vocals perfectly fit the music painting quite a bleak picture there, as you probably have guessed from the songtitles. That said, though, the whole effort isn’t Earth shattering exercise in Death Metal, there’s still room for improvement in the songwriting department, because as soon as the songs are finished, I can’t fucking remember much about them. Still worth checking out it here: Besides those two tracks you can also listen to a newer 3 track demo "Into The Labyrinth" which shows a vast improvement, so this is definitely a band to keep your ears peeled for. As for this demo, visit Extremely Rotten Records ( and get the real thing before it’s gone!

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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