Bestial Rites
(Century Media Records)

“Putrid Death Sorcery”, the debut album of these French purveyors of fear and death, is a massive assault of evil Death Metal. It recalls at times the primitive violence of such heroes like KREATOR and MERCILESS with a black magick touch of BATHORY and early MAYHEM. So, after just one album, their nowadays label Century Media decided to capture their early efforts in this recollection, which includes demos, songs appearing on 7” EPs and some never before released songs. And, unlike many other compilations of early material, this is totally worth the price. A band that has the same style form their debut demo to their last recording and that only makes it better is a rare thing in this era. That is what these people are able to conjure. Fantastic cover songs from bands that we all worship like DEATH, MERCILESS or ENTOMBED / NIHILIST are also included with the definitive personal touch of the band, yet with that aura that only well done covers can conjure the spirit of the original performers. And add to that that their original compositions are also up to the task, we have a total winner here. Yes, I know that the band might be on the verge of copying themselves and losing that evil edge in here, but for what I can hear on the evolution of their sound, and also in their very competent way of playing, I am sure their next recording will still blow cadavers miles from where their deathstrike arrives. So get this, get their debut album and bang ‘til you pulverize your spine. For all further NECROWRETCH info check out or Label:

Julian “Assumed Dead” Nunez

Julian "Assumed Dead" Nunez

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