Issue # 13
(74 pages, A5, printed, in English)

Don’t get fooled by the title of this zine, it is in fact mostly dedicated to Doom Metal. I assume that the vast majority of our readers are not only interested in Black and Death Metal, but by other forms of Metal music also, and PSYCHEDELIC FANZINE is certainly worth the read, I can assure you! Creation of a Hungarian maniac named Mark Hegedus, PSYCHEDELIC has become through the years the reference when it comes to cover the Doom scene. Mark has always showed eclectic musical tastes, for instance past issues covered cult Heavy Metal bands like MANILLA ROAD and CIRITH UNGOL along with 70s Heavy Rock giants like CAPTAIN BEYOND and BUFFALO, not even talking of the Doom bands, all subgenres included (from PENTAGRAM to SUNN o))). I had the opportunity to praise Mark’s work in my VOODOO SHOCK review, and I can’t do otherwise when reviewing this new slab of talented journalism. Subtitled "Depressive Happiness", issue # 13 offers at least two outstanding interviews, one with Lee Dorian of the mighty CATHEDRAL, the other with Magister Albert, one of the REVEREND BIZARRE warriors. What pleases me the most with PSYCHEDELIC (and that goes for SLAYER MAGAZINE and SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE also) is the overall vide it radiates, I mean, reading this is the equivalent of being comfortably sit in an armchair, a cup of coffee in hand, talking about music with friends for hours while demented riffs come out the stereo. Got the picture? And Mark and crew have also the good taste of not acting like "stars", but they let the artists do the talking. Note that this issue of PSYCHEDELIC FANZINE is mostly dedicated to interviews, with some news added, and it is more modest in scope that the two previous issues that were gargantuan (more than 200 pages each!). For reasons that I don’t grasp, Mark let down the review section, he made an error doing that I think, and I hope he will reintroduce reviews in his mag in a near future. PSYCHEDELIC FANZINE is the most awesome Metal underground magazine existing now. I can only urge you to grab a copy of this new issue. I think that a very limited amount of copies of the previous issue (#11/12) are left, hurry up and grab that one also. Info:

Edouard Vergriete

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