Vile Human Taste
(Morbid Chapel Records)

RANCID AMPUTATION is a one man band from Portugal, playing what the band describes as ultra putrid malodorous Dead Metal, and also states that this is dedicated to the Buffalo, NY scene from the ’90s, naming bands like BAPHOMET / BANISHED, early CANNIBAL CORPSE and CARNAL DISSECTION amongst others, is actually a pretty dead on definition of the music contained here. Very heavy Death Metal, that relies a lot on intense guitar playing, but interesting enough it has more groove than brutal speed, making it to share a few similarities to the mighty BOLT THROWER. The production is very good, quite clear, yet the guitars sound very heavy and the drums are very present. Vocally speaking there is your classic Death Metal grunts, not exactly of the lower or deepest kind, but they do the work quite good. At times I can hear that they tend to repeat riffs a lot in their songs, this can give an hypnotic feeling at times, but also some sort of industrial touch to it. The few solos in here actually remind me a lot of James Murphy’s style, although more basic. At the end of the day, it’s a nice EP. Although a bit more faster parts would definitely work better, and sometimes I find the repetition on the riffs on the same song a bit weird. I can feel the potential here, if they decide to make it their own, they can come out with a very powerful album. Definitely keep your eyes open… fear it’s lurking there… More info at: www.facebook.com/rancid-amputation-100100005107078, www.morbidchapelrecords.com

Julián “Crooked” Núñez

Julián "Crooked" Núñez

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