...Out To R:I:P All Nations!!!
(Twilight Zone Records)

Attention! Metalcore, mixed with modern, melodic Death and Thrash Metal, clean, even female vocals and of course keyboards. So, I guess 95% of the typical VOICES-readers already stopped reading any further. But that is a pity in my eyes, because this debut album is actually one of the best Metal albums in 2007 I have been listening to so far. Of course it is not within the boundaries of genuine Death, Black Metal or Grindcore and thus (more or less) beyond my personal realm and maybe not really something for VOICES, but if you are at least a little bit open-minded you must acknowledge the sheer energy and power, the dynamic and finespun song-structures, the ability to mix the above mentioned elements to a fine blend of Metal. Surely, every note of this album is breathing the term “modern”, so do not say you have not been warned. Maybe I am “too old, too cold”, but I can rarely remember a band combining Metalcore, Death and Thrash Metal in such a way. Most Metalcore bands I have been listening to are just simply adding some typical Death or Thrash riffs or even Black Metal like keyboards, but R:I:P created in fact an unique style, an interesting and highly enjoyable vision of modern Metal. The band name R:I:P means “Raw Intense Power” and the band labels their music as “German Premium Metal”, in my eyes a little exaggerated, like the three exclamation marks in the title. But nevertheless “… Out To R:I:P All Nations!!!” should definitely call the attention of everyone who is interested in the development of modern Metal or at least all people who want to bang their heads to this stunning debut. www.rawintensepower.com

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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R:I:P - by Mirco Szymyslik

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