Death And Decay Considerations
(Old Temple)

The time has come for us to taste the foul aroma of the SERPENT SEED! Hailing from the untamed territories of Łask, Poland, SERPENT SEED are no strangers to extremity. "Death And Decay Considerations" is the band’s follow-up to 2014’s "Debris Of Faith" and it’s one of those albums that just blow off your speakers right from the start. Picture a contemporary Black Metal band with very dark, huge guitars making their way through a battlefield of Death Metal carcasses with proper songwriting abilities and a hefty dose of pure stamina as weapons. What could possibly go wrong? Basically nothing. As a matter of fact, SERPENT SEED belong to the ever decreasing list of nowadays Metal acts who are actually able to write good songs with interesting evolutions and even carefully chosen notes. ‘Burning Temples Of Dead God’ sounds like a blaze in the (summer) sky: big impact, explosive start and a dramatic evolution. The angular-sounding arpeggio of ‘The Pleasure Of Cruelty’ leads to quite catchy, almost TRIBULATIONish expansions although less polished and more straight to the source. I might be overemphasizing a little here, but songs like ‘The Agony Of Mankind’ or ‘Ineluctable Death’ might as well be defined "Epic Chromatic Anthems" (E.C.A., newly christened acronym alert!). In other words, SERPENT SEED are able to go heroic-sounding without abusing all those plasticized Heavy Metal harmonic clichés that would just sound unnatural and untrue in this peculiar context. The production is, by the way, powerful and efficient. Paweł Drozd’s hammering drums crush all oppositions as Jatssa, Wojtek and Jakub intertwine fluently into well arranged, well structured whirlwinds of riffs. Balrog (involved also in Black Metal goblins CZARNA MAGIA and SKALD OF MORGOTH) commands the void with his mid-range growl plus rare, clean vocals in the vein of His High Majesty Attila Csihar. I can hear the subtle influence of bands like THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, some CRAFT and even INQUISITION in here. Artwork-wise, Natalie Nowacka’s skull vomiting skeletons in a sleeping village drawing wraps up this discographic effort just fine. In conclusion, "Death And Decay Consideration" is a solid album for all those mongrels out there who enjoy the cold touch of death’s winds. Find out more about SERPENT SEED on their Facebook page or order your copy through

Giorgio Trombino

Giorgio Trombino

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