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SPEKTR hails from France amd quite frankly I approached this release with no expectations at all given my lack of knowledge on their catalogue. After a few listens I can safely say I’m not really compelled to cross paths with this band in the near future. Their music is just not terribly bad but to my ears it is just boring and definitely not among what I can stand. This band relies around 90% of what they do on a computer so you might expect that the results of such bedroom Black Metal outfits will suffer with a sterile / plastic sound. Random guitar attacks, drummachine fills, ambient noise and occasional raspy voice. I don’t see any valuable songwriting or even decent arrangments to catch any listener attention. This is something that anyone could easily put together with a laptop, recording / effects software and definitely nothing better to do on a weekend. Better off get a girlfriend guys! Additional info at: www.debemur-morti.com.

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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