Funeral For A King
(Cruz Del Sur Music)

This is the second album from this California based band, that can be described as a traditional Doom Metal band, with a sound not far away a from the masters CANDLEMASS or SOLITUDE AETERNUS, but with the addition of having a very heavy Death Metal influence. It reminds me a lot of BOLT THROWER and bits of AUTOPSY. Not so surprising, as band members are or were involved in bands like DIVINE EVE and GRAVEHILL. The crunchy guitar tone and the aura of many songs will surely reveal that their sound of doom and misery has a high dose of Metal of Death infused. And let’s talk about the vocals, performed by a great female singer. It reminds me in style of the great Rob Lowe, and fits the music very good. Their style of Epic Doom Metal also has a lot to do with traditional Metal with the obvious MAIDEN / PRIEST references. It’s not that slow, but actually keeps a very up-tempo sound. The overall production is very powerful, as a matter of fact they were able to capture a very live and organic sound, specially in the drums. And the ease the band is capable to create those riffs, that evoke the last days of human race, is just amazing. Tons of memorable riffs here and there. All these with lyrics that talk about the perdition of man through the ages. The experience of the musicians involved has created an album of gigantic proportions and that without a doubt sets them in the top of Epic Doom Metal of all times. Yes, it’s that good!,

Julián “Scourge Of The Seven Hills” Núñez

Julián "Scourge Of The Seven Hills" Núñez

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