The Enduring Spirit
(20 Buck Spin)

Well, I better get ready for the hate mail because, with this release and my words for it, I may not garner any new fans. When I took on this review, I was mildly aware of TOMB MOLD from their various EPs and two full-lengths. I always admired the members and their musical proficiencies. They had the darker sort of DEATH sound circa “The Sound Of Perseverance” and a bit of later PESTILENCE going on, all wrapped up in a semi-dark cosmic vibe. The band never truly grabbed me because, at that point, the mild tech / prog elements sort of threw me. Well, brace yourselves because the band has now gone full tilt into those elements. The progressive door has been blown wide open. Track #1 starts well. I like the production, it is bright and airy and allows all instrumentation to shine. It’s then as the album progresses that those prog sound structures start making their presence known. In that respect, that is why the production of the album is such a benefit for them with this new approach. It just makes everything come through with so much clarity. You can start thinking of a milder CYNIC in the way the band now plays. Also, if you are fans of BLOOD OATH, DISGUISED MALIGNANCE and maybe a bit ULCERATE, you may like where the band is going here. I am in no way saying this is a horrible release and I am not going into details about those things that put a bee in my bonnet because those are just my audio interpretations. I’m sure many will fully embrace this new take on the Death Metal genre. I applaud them for having the balls to try something different but for me, it just does not grab me overall. It almost seems like a different band in a way. Like I’ve stated in some of my other reviews, there is only so much room for innovation in this genre and TOMB MOLD at least makes some effort to pitch their Death Metal flag a bit different territory.,

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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