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Canada… a land within the land… the place in America that is closer to Europe in essence yet has a thing of its own… and music for that matter, is no different. A place that has given countless supreme bands like RUSH, TRIUMPH, EXCITER, RAZOR, SACRIFICE and VOIVOD just to name a few… not to mention my all time fave Heavy Metal band and album comes from there (that’s DEAF DEALER "Journey Into Fear"). Even today it is still producing great bands. And TRAVELER is another name to add to that list. Here we have a killer traditional Heavy Metal band, with subtle touches of Speed Metal and the toughest Hardrock. There is without doubt a big MAIDEN / PRIEST influence and that is not only fine, maybe even mandatory. Yet, the band is able to come out with killer tunes, one after the other, tunes that flow with such ease that is something to be expected from bands with a longer career, yet these Canadians do it with such ease it is mesmerizing. Yes, there is nothing new or original in the strict sense of the word, yet it is something that does not matter. A great song, will always be a great song no matter if it sounds like this or that artist. TRAVELER are really good in composing and performing, adding also to that a production that has that old school Metal vibe, yet powerful enough to be into the Metal realms. Yes, there is use and why not, abuse of chorus, of dual guitar melodies and simple-yet effective riffs. And let me tell you, it is not only fine in here, these people have a mastery in doing so. Also while the vocals are not the greatest I have heard, they have that passion that surely many are missing. At times the style reminds me of bands like ENFORCER. If there is a spot for the new next band that will fill the boots of the soon-to-be-retired Metal heroes (whomever and whichever there are or will be) I am more than sure that TRAVELER can get that place without problem. A fantastic release, that must be enjoyed by Metalheads around this rotten globe.,

Julián “Street Machine” Núñez

Julián "Street Machine" Núñez

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