Murder 101
(Selfmadegod Records)

I would be hard pressed to find at least one positive comment about UNBURIED, well, maybe the sound is chunky and fat, with heavy bottom bass / drum action. Would you listen to a record because it sounds alright? Well, you decide, because musically UNBURIED is as dull and boring as you can imagine. They play simplistic Death Metal with some groovy Grind parts, and when I say simplistc, I really mean it. The arrangements are no less simplistic and most of the songs don’t go anywhere. Although the rhythm section sounds quite cool and pounds away steady beats patterns, it soon gets too repetitive with unimaginative riff playing along and then changes into another simple pattern / boring riff and finally ends. Even the songtitles are boooring. ‘I’m Going To Fuckin’ Kill You’. Really? ‘Stalked, Fucked, And Buried’. Yeah, right. ‘Impulse To Kill’. Very original. ‘Murder 101’. How many songs I already heard with that title? Anyway, you get the point. I haven’t listened to such uninspired and bland record in while and you really shouldn’t be wasting your time with it. Before I get any more harsher on them, let’s just bury this thing and forget it. www.facebook.com/pages/unburied/191878257527420, www.selfmadegod.com

Mindaugas ‘Plix’ Lapinskas

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

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