Demo 2009

Since EUCHARIST’s demo 1992 a band should know that you can’t go wrong starting a demo with an acoustic intro. UNDEAD CREEP thought the same and succeeds with their intro and completely wins with the first song on this demo, ‘Final Demise’, which kills in the typical Swedish tradition of bands such as ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER or EVOCATION. It’s Swedish Death Metal with hints of Crustcore as you might expect. The musical direction is probably the only negative aspect you can complain about UNDEAD CREEP, being utterly unoriginal. If you ignore that and just listen to the music you will get a demo with 4 great songs (not to forget the intro, haha) of old school Death Metal the Swedish way. This Italian newcomer was founded in summer 2009 and being faster as the Italian soccer team they totally convinced me with this demo. They already signed a contract for their first full-length recording to the collaboration of the labels Dark Descent Records and Dark Blasphemies Records. This demo being recorded in their rehearsal room in December 2009 offers a fantastic sound with above all shredding and brutal guitars you wanna here on this type of Metal. Now you have 2 options: wait until the band releases their first full-length or take the opportunity to get a demo which would have been an all-time-classic if recorded around 1990. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the band through their myspace page www.myspace.com/undeadcreep666. The gates are open for you to see the horror of the undead creep. Here we go…

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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