Issue # 3
(64 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Yet another new issue of the great Unholy Terror publication which actually really deserves its title as pure underground fanzine of higher class! This is the way a death metal writing needs to be: Full of passionate material from fans for fans, well done in its in-depth features and with bands that aren’t exclusively "mainstream" or belonging to the established part of the scene, but just classy. The third offspring by Hacker & Andi contains interviews with bands like Throneaeon, Embalmed Souls, Immersed In Blood, Vomitory, Abhorrence, Mortem, Pentacle and a great new talk to Kelly Shaefer of Atheist (welcome back, guys!). Of course, there is many more interviews and loads of reviews featured in these 64 professionally printed, glossy black and white pages of pure underground metal extravaganza! Probably one of the very best magazines out of Germany (but written in clean english after all…) these days! Yeah, I really agree with the title "Pure Fuckin’ Death Metal Zine". Price including postage is 7 DM (Germany) and 5 USD (worlwide). Get it from: Unholy Terror, c/o Hacker, Grosser Buechel 6, D – 53619 Rheinbreitbach, Germany. Website: www.unholyterror.here.de, e-mail: unholyterror-666@t-online.de

Leif Jensen

Leif Jensen

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