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I liked their debut “Diabolosis” and “Skeleton Season” and I don’t have any problems with “Necronemesis” either. USURPER stick to their guns and still deliver mostly mid-tempo old school Death with lots of ‘uh’s’ (greetings to CELTIC FROST) and that’s good. Nothing really to mock about here, maybe just the fact that they had better shortened the playing time of 70 minutes down to 35 – 40 minutes, as the album really lasts too long now. They had better kept the best moments and threw away the rest of their riffs / ideas / songs or kept them for future releases. P.S.: The CD says 72:06min as playing time but I just noticed that there’s a kind of bonus track after 30 minutes of silence, so I guess the real playing time must be around 40 minutes.

Steven Willems

Steven Willems

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