The Flag Of The Inverted Cross

So how long back in time your Thrash Metal nostalgia reaches? Do you think bands like VIOLENT FORCE, PROTECTOR, MINOTAUR or METALUCIFER were criminally underrated and should’ve had become a primary force in Speed / Thrash Metal? If so, then you will definitely enjoy this demo of italian infernal Thrashers VIOLENT ASSAULT. It consists of 4 tracks plus intro and outro and has Andreas Richwien from MINOTAUR (GER) laying down guest vocals on ‘Devastator’ and ‘Antimosh’, two of the catchiest tracks on the demo. I was quite impressed by solid and fast Speed / Thrash Metal that these old school Thrashers deliver, it really makes you wanna raise your fists and bang your head, which is the whole point here, right? On the other hand, I must say that tracks with band’s singer Metalucifer lack concviction in the vocal department and his accent is fucking hilarious to the point that it becomes kinda cool, but the fact is that guy doesn’t come across as a very aggressive frontman. If you can get past it or wanna have a good laugh, then you can feel a pure Speed / Thrash satisfaction like it is still 1986!! The demo is also released on tape format, so once again, this is as old school as you can get, the band seem honestly believe in what they do, so you gotta cut them some slack for that. Contact: or,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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