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VIRCOLAC are an Irish musical entity who have been making quite a morbid mark on the underground Metal scene in more recent years. Their overall sound is firmly rooted in old school Death Metal, clearly influenced by the pioneering late 80s and early 90s classics and their style is vicious and virulent, complex but caustic, vomiting forth a throwback to the days when MORBID ANGEL were at their peak with "Altars Of Madness" and DEATH’s albums were still very much oozing with gore themes. VIRCOLAC also bring to mind early AUTOPSY with their doomed dark passages and slow things down to a crushing creeping pace just the right amount of times throughout to create a very effective combination of tempos without losing too much of their rough and raw classic Death Metal edge, like AUTOPSY they drag you down into the doomy depths before hauling you back up into full on blast beat and double kick fueled ferocity without warning and the drumwork is notably impressive from start to finish. There is a certain amount of contorted discordance in the way VIRCOLAC deliver their riffing, a lot of the riffs twist and turn around the song structures, coiling themselves tightly like an otherwordly sonic serpent, and these riffs are full of technical dissonant finesse but also a darkly atmospheric aura, bringing to mind the likes of VENENUM, mid era TRIBULATION etc at times in such parts. The vocals are spat out in a very similar way to those of David Vincent on "Altars Of Madness" and the frenzied chaotic lead guitar breaks also bring to mind that era of MORBID ANGEL, who are obviously a major influence both musically and vocally. Another musical reference point when it comes to the vocals, music and overall distorted delivery is DEGIAL, another band who are clearly inspired by the early twisted musical works of MORBID ANGEL and there is definite similarities between both these newcomers. "Masque" is a dark and deathly slab of sonic savagery that is steeped in a macabre, mouldy and mystical atmosphere… do you dare to enter the lair of the VIRCOLAC?,

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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