Devils Poison
(Hells Headbangers Records)

After 8 fucking long years we finally get VOMITOR’s second album "Devils Poison" ! And it is still fuckin VOMITOR!! Whereas most bands progress and lose their vision, VOMITOR stays true all the fucking way! Well maybe the sound is a bit better than their debut "Bleeding The Priest" and you can tell they play their instruments better as well, but the fucking rawness and Australian dirt is most definitely still there! And of course where many bands sound like other bands (Dino Burger and Cradle of shit I’m looking at you ladies!) and let’s face it, too many guys are copying Quorthon vocal wise, VOMITOR has their signature sound which I think lies in their vocals and guitar tone, plus their songwriting skills and performance of said songs, that really you cannot hear it and say this is some other band, only VOMITOR! Also some of you unfamiliar with VOMITOR’s previous work might assume that they are from Australia so they will be like Destroyer 666, but get that shit right out of your head pronto! They sound nothing at all like D666!! This album is fuckin raw dirty, solid, you must get this! The guitar "leads" if you can call ’em that, remind me of the style of Repulsion’s "Horrified" album as they jump in screeching like a bunch of cats being run over and then immediately fried alive, raping your ears and then leaving like a fucking lightning ripping headache! I love the album as a whole, even the slow songs if you can fuckin’ believe that coz as some of you might know I am no fan of fucking slow songs! But when I listen to ‘Saga Of The Rage’ and ‘Midnight Madness’ I cannot help but bang me head and me fist (trying to speak a bit of Australian english there!). Now you have what could be a negative is that ‘Beast Of Sodom’, ‘Midnight Madness’ and the fuckin classic ‘Neutron Hammer’ are re-recordings of old demo and 7" songs but really, this is not a negative for me as the re recordings of the songs do the old ones justice and evilness and darkness prevails!! Frank will probably think this is too early, but this to me is one of the candidates for album of the year! To VOMITOR: please, pretty please with sugar on top, do not take another 8 fuckin years to release your next album!! Now you must excuse me, as I have to go back and listen to "Devils Poison" again! Fuck yeah! www.myspace.com/thevomitor, www.hellsheadbangers.com

Luis M.L. Sallard

Luis M.L. Sallard

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