Memories Of Sorrow
(Aphelion Productions)

Spanish DP (THE YTRIPLE CORPORATION, ex – NEVERDIE) and Phlegeton (BANISHED FROM INFERNO, GODÜS, THE YTRIPLE CORPORATION, WORMED, etc.) teamed up with each other in 2012 in order to create something special in terms of making a perfect match with some ideas and visions Black Metal wise. The result out of these sessions was a band named WRONG. This 5-track album, titled "Memories Of Sorrow", is the first fruit under the WRONG moniker, in which Phlegeton takes care of vocals and drumming duties, while the rest of the instruments is taken care of DP. When it comes to the songs on this opus, this stuff is far from being your ordinary Black Metal; there’s much more happening within the songs on this record than one could expect in the first place really. Very unorthodox and somewhat innovative Black Metal this definitely is, showcasing all kinds of feelings related to misery, despair, all kinds of negativity and so on, both musically and lyrically naturally too. There’s nothing ‘happy’ going on within WRONG’s a bit avantgarde sounding Black Metal compositions (Black Metal can indeed be a pretty ‘happy’ sounding sometimes too) – not even light piano interludes here and there are able to bring in any softness into this opus. Phlegeton’s tormented, pain-infested snarls don’t help that situation much either, but have a very opposite effect on the way how the songs come across on "Memories Of Sorrow" – creating a pitch-black malignant world where the darkness prevails and lost souls get tormented – metaphorically speaking, of course. Both DP and Phlegeton have a great sense of flair for some ultimate Black Metal compositions that are able to carry its listeners onward to some other invisible worlds and beyond. Dare to give this a try? WRONG can be found at: www.facebook.com/wrongblackmetal, label: www.aphelionproductions.net

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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