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A split album, like the one I’m reviewing here, gives you the chance to listen to stuff from about two – as in this case – or more bands in just one release. “Resvrrezionespiritval” is the title of this split tape released in a limited edition of 99 copies by Caverna Abismal Records from Portugal. It contains 6 tracks, 3 from the French band YSENGRIN and 3 more from the Spanish entity SARTEGOS. YSENGRIN offers here a mix of Doom and Black Metal that sounds sometimes similar to Italy’s MORTUARY DRAPE. The first track, a mid-paced tune titled ‘Nel Candore Lvnare’ is a good composition worked on simple guitar riffing, slow drums, deep reverbing growls and some atmospheric keyboards. Track two is a nice short intro / outro on keyboards. YSENGRIN closes its half part of the split with ‘Solar Birth’, a varied mid paced composition that sounds similar to early NECROMANTIA. I guess the reason why is because YSENGRIN, as the Greek legend, uses distorted bass guitars instead of electric guitars in this production. After a short keyboards intro titled ‘As Asas Do Morcego’, SARTEGOS shows their well done Black / Death Metal that sometimes sounds similar to GRAVE MIASMA. To the almost 7 minutes track ‘Umha Dança De Estrelas Negras’, follows ‘Ele Viu As Suas Maos’ to close this production. Working on some slow patterns with well worked double kicks on drums to move to faster passages, including some really good guitar solos, SARTEGOS delivers a varied handful of sounds with a good usage on the variations of the intensities in each track in a style that in its most popular contemporary form tends to sound, in my particular taste, just like a bunch of chaotic noise with no control. More band information here: www.facebook.com/pages/ysengrin/285617594836309, sartegos@hotmail.com, label contact: www.cavernaabismal.com

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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