One On Six
(Xtreem Music)

On their debut album these French newcomers blend various styles of aggressive music: from Death Metal and Grindcore to Metal- and Noisecore. The complex songs stagger between brutal blasts, Hardcore-typical breakdown orgies, experimental noise-parts and a few Swedish Death Metal melodies. Despite this variety of influences ZUBROWSKA manage to keep their songs dynamic and powerful, thanks to the sophisticated guitar work and the two aggressive vocalists, one screaming, one growling. This whole mixture is controlled chaos, not necessarily catchy at the first time of listening but full of details hidden in a vortex of aggression. Needless to say that fans of old-school Death Metal won’t like this release very much but open-minded people who dig more wicked and experimental stuff like MISERY INDEX should definitely give it a try. The band’s website www.zubrowska.com  is under construction yet but from there you can download two mp3 files and find out if ZUBROWSKA are your pint of beer.

Christoph Göbel

Christoph Göbel

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