December 04, 2000

The new ARES KINGDOM website address is It is a very basic site and still under construction. Questions and comments are welcome.

It is with much pride that HAMMERHEART RECORDS Worldwide welcomes its newest recording artist, CONTROL DENIED. The label debut (band’s somophore release) is now underway in Tampa’s Morrisound Studios with producer Jim Morris at the board. Poignantly titled, "When Machine And Man Collide", the album’s subject matter touches upon the darker and more intrusive nature of today’s technology, among other things. Chuck Schuldiner, the Metal mastermind we have all come to consider one of the godfathers of Heavy Metal, naturally resides at the helm of CONTROL DENIED. Contrary to the ever-churning rumor mill, Steve DiGiorgio (bass) and Richard Christy (drums) are still full-time members of CONTROL DENIED. Their participation in other projects has not and will not take away from their involvement in the band. Smoothing out the returning line-up are Shannon Hamm (guitar) and Tim Aymar (vocals). When questioned about the sound and ideology of "When Machine And Man Collide", Chuck had this to say: "This album will NOT contain any guest rappers, 7-string guitars, baggy pants or any other elements from so-called "New Metal". CONTROL DENIED is NOT a Power Metal band and it is NOT a side project. This album will crush those misconceptions completely! I believe more than ever that this album will embrace my musical past while once again taking a step forward into the future. This is something for all true Metal fans."

PROFANITY‘s new CD "Slaughtering Thoughts" is out now. The CD contains eight songs of brutal and technical Death Metal. You can download a new song (‘The Springs Within’) from the band’s homepage The CD is available for 20,- DM plus 3,-DM for postage or 12$ at the following address: PROFANITY, Thomas Sartor, Jahnstr. 5, 86399 Bobingen, Germany, Phone: +49 08234 90 32 69, E-mail: All Zines, Distros, Labels that are interested to get a promo CD should get in touch with the band’s label CUDGEL AGENCY at or by E-mail

According to ARCH ENEMY vocalist Johan Liiva has decided to leave the band. He has joined NONEXIST with ANDROMEDA guitarist Johan Reinholdz. Nonexist will beging recording an album shortly. In related news, Andromeda’s new album will be out on January 29th.

EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn wishes to send this message to all friends worldwide, "So, what’s new from the Emperor camp? Well, since IX and the subsequent touring, the three of us have been busy indulging in other musical environments. Thus, avoiding the trap of monotony and exploring more territory in the vast landscapes of music. Nonetheless, and I cannot help myself from saying this, again it’s time for The Emperors Return. (Hey, was that a prediction or just a cliché? It s pompous, but it works, he, he). Yes, nine (IX) songs are ready for the fourth Emperor album. A main title is still not decided, but among the songs you will find: ‘The Eruption’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Depraved’. So, what can I say about the new stuff? Lyrically, it will be somehow different, as it is more concretely concept-based than what we have done before. As a natural consequence of the bands work over the last decade, I think the music involves many sides of what Emperor has been doing up till now, but, since I would hate to stagnate and repeat myself, I hope many new aspects will come to the surface too. Apart from this, it would be hard (and unnecessary) to give a deeper description of the next Emperor album. There is still a lot of work to be done with the final arrangements and the actual production, so we can onedy promise that we will do our best. When? Well, we aim to release this album Spring 2001, but nothing is definitely set. We ll try to keep you updated when things start falling into place. So, be prepared. Before you know it, The Empocalypse will be upon Thee. Yours Sincerely, IHSAHN."

Century Media Records in Europe has released SENTENCED‘s "Crimson" on limited picture vinyl and reissued Frozen and Amok in a two-CD box. According to guitarist Sami Lopakka "We are now taking a six months break with the band. To calm our nerves, to gain some will to live and continue with this thing we have created. Against the rumours and some people’s hopes we are not going to split up. Also, none of us have killed ourselves and none of us is are in the hospital because of alcoholism/drug use. We are just taking some time off the band. We will be back next year with a new album."

OBLIVEON bassist Stephane Picard is back in the lead vocalist position since the departure of the bands singer, Bruno Bernier. Stephane did the vocals on the two first albums and has adapted to songs on which Bruno was singing. The band are leaving Hypnotic Records, and new songs are being written in order to shop for something new, with the goal of making another album.

The forthcoming OBITUARY hits set containing the following tracks: ‘Find The Arise’ (demo), ”Til Death’, ‘Internal Bleeding’, ‘Intoxicated’, ‘Slowly We Rot’, ‘Cause Of Death’, ‘Dying’, ‘Chopped In Half’, ‘Turned Inside Out’, ‘Back To One’, ‘The End Complete’, ‘I’m In Pain’, ‘Kill For Me’, ‘Final Thoughts’, ‘Don’t Care’, ‘Threatening Skies’, ‘By The Light’, ‘Back From The Dead’, ‘Buried Alive* (previously unreleased) and ‘Boiling Point (212* Sporadic Mix)* (previously unreleased)

DARKANE‘s second album, "Insanity", will be out in February 2001. It has been licensed to Nuclear Blast and Century Media for the U.S. market.

BORKNAGAR have a new permanent vocalist, Vintersorg. Fans of the band VINTERSORG should not worry, as this will not interfere, stop or cripple this band in any way. Borknagar are working on material for an upcoming album and plan to do some live shows.

DORNENREICH have finished their forthcoming album, "Her Von Welken Nachten", scheduled for release in February.

BLAZING ETERNITY bassist Magnus ‘Darkenfald’ Ringling has left the band. He’s been replaced by Anders I. Kristiansen.

BETHLEHEM are planning to release the songs from the 7" "Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank" on CD. Previously onedy available on limited collector’s vinyl, the set will be available in 2001.

NAERVAER‘s debut album, "Skiftninger", will be out in the beginning of 2001.

MALEVOLENT CREATION will tour in support of their new album, "Envenomed". The tour will begin in Europe in February with support from IN AETERNUM, HATE PLOW and ROTTEN SOUND. A gig on February 6th in Newport, England kicks things off.

…AND OCEANS have inked a deal with Century Media after releasing two albums for Seasons Of Mist. The bands third album, A.M.G.O.D. will be released on February 19th.

SIRIUS have finished recording their new album, "Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius", in Norway at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. The band have also recorded a cover of EMPEROR’s ‘The Majesty Of The Nightsky’ as a bonus track.

With the demise of IN THE WOODS… by the end of the year, along comes the reformation of GREEN CARNATION. The band consists of members of In The Woods…, DRAWN, TRISTANIA and TCHORT, who was the bassist on EMPEROR’s In The Nightside Eclipse. Green Carnation’s debut album is called Journey To The End Of The Night.

NECROPHAGIA‘s video for ‘And You Will Live In Terror’ will be released on the DVD version of the Lucio Fulci classic The Beyond. The band have started filming a new video, this time for ‘They Dwell Beneath’. Directed by Jim Van Bebber, the video will be on the DVD version of Through Eyes Of The Dead. The DVD will also include more in depth interviews with Lucio Fulci’s daughter Antonella, as well as a gallery of still photos from the video and new band photos. The DVD is expected to be released in the winter of 2001.

MADDER MORTEM have returned to Century Media for the release of their next album, "All Flesh Is Grass", due out on February 19th.

Candlelight Records have signed Norway’s ZYKLON. The band features EMPEROR founding member Samoth and drummer Trym, as well as Destructhor from MYRKSKOG. Zyklon have finished recording their debut album, World Ov Worms, to be released early in 2001.

KULT OV AZAZEL have just finished recording their debut album, "Triumph Of Fire". Recorded at Studio 13, the album is produced by Jeremy Staska (MALEVOLENT CREATION/HATE PLOW). The tracklisting: ‘Le Messe Noir’, ‘Triumph Of Fire’, ‘Destruction To The Throne Of God’, ‘My Misanthropy’, ‘To The Cold Beyond’, ‘In The Plagued Realm’, ‘Legions Unedeashed’, ‘Altar Of Satan’, ‘Aether Cries’, ‘Embrace The Burning’ and ‘Crown Of Fire’.

NAGLFAR have finished recording new songs at Ballerina Studio. The tracks, ‘Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft’, ‘Emerging From Her Weeping’ and ‘Dawn Of Eternity’ are a pre-curser for a full length album. The bands guitarist, Mad Morgan has left the band to concentrate on other aspects of life, and has been replaced by Vargher from BEWITCHED.

DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE, the project that features members of MARDUK have released their album, "The Howling".

NOCTURNUS‘ classic albums, "The Key" and "Thresholds", have been re-issued through Earache.

RITUAL CARNAGE, just off their first tour of Japan, have fired guitarist Hide Tanaka, who has re-joined his former band, TYRANT. He has been replaced by brothers, Wataru and Masami Yamada.

According to SLAYER are rumored to have approached producer Matt Hyde (MONSTER MAGNET) to helm their upcoming new album. The band plan on entering the recording with an eye on a summer release through their longtime label, American.

"We had planned to do some touring in the States, but I don’t know… that sucks!" So says guitarist / mastermind for CHILDREN OF BODOM, Alexi Laiho, on the news of the recent Nuclear Blast dissolution. "I don’t like sitting at home, that makes me depressed. Touring and playing music is all I want to do. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and if I can do it for a living, that’s perfect for me." Although the guitarist has reined himself in, slightly, forgoing the hired gun status with IMPALED NAZARENE. "I just had a meeting with the guys and we decided I won’t be playing with them anymore, because I don’t have the time." The next few months will be spent on the road, which pleases Laiho to no end. "We’re going to start doing gigs in Finedand after Christmas and a full European tour in February, then Japan, in April." North American dates were penciled in after the lucrative Summer 2001 festivals. Asked about the lack of neo-classical keyboards on Follow The Reaper, a hallmark of the initial two Children Of Bodom records, Laiho explained, "There didn’t happen to be any of that style stuff in my mind when I wrote the music. Right now, the hero / sword metal is really huge in Europe. Everyone is using the classical thing and wants to sound like Yngwie Malmsteen. I don’t want people to consider Children Of Bodom one of those bands that do what million of bands have done before. We still have SOME of that stuff left, whenever we feel like it." Follow The Reaper, with a bonus version of WASP’s ‘Hellion,’ is scheduled to be released early in February.

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