December 05, 2000

The new GOD DETHRONED album is as good as finished. They just need to mix and master and that’s it! According to label info the album is supposed to be a bit faster than "Bloody Blasphemy" and the tunes are catchier, easier to get into. There will be cover songs of DEATH and MACABRE END on the album. Here is the tracklist: 1. Villa Vampiria, 2. The Crown for the Morbid, 3. (Eve & Serpentio in the garden of Eden) The Poison Apple, 4. Swallow the Spikes, 5. Consumed by Darkness, 6. Ravenous, 7. Winter Campaign 2002, 8. The mysteries that make you Bleed, 9. The Iconoclast Deathride, 10. Evil Dead

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