December 14, 2000

CRUACHAN has entered the studio to record songs for a MCD (being released in March 2001 and called "Ride on") and their album (for release September 2001, called "Folklore"). Shawn McGowan (of The Pogues) and Brendan Perry (of Dead Can Dance) will take part on this album.

SATARIEL have signed a deal with Hammerheart Records.

REBAELLIUN has more or less finished their writing-proces and the new album "Annihilation" will be recorded at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen in February 2001, it will have 8 new tracks and "Bringer of War" re-recorded, plus a coversong as a bonus on the limited edition CD and vinyl.

EM SINFONIA is not a new band from the U.S.A., but a project of Brian Griffin (Broken Hope’s songwriter and studio-owner) that did an EP in 1999 already on Martyr Music Group The album will be released in Europe on Hammerheart Records and it is titled "Intimate Portrait", very progressive atmospheric Death/Doom with different vocal-styles and keyboards.

SKYFIRE has finally finished their debut album at Abyss Studio called "Timeless Departure". It is supposed to be like Dark Tranquility meets Rhapsody meets Children of Bodom, very Metal, very melodic and with classical influences (and guitar-solos of course).

Hammerheart Records will release the following stuff on vinyl in January 2001: INFERNAL‘s "Infernal" MLP, DARK FUNERAL‘s "In the Sign…" LP, NECROPHAGIA‘s "A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness" 2-LP and AUTOPSY‘s "Ridden with Disease" LP. In February ZYKLON‘s "World of Worms" will follow.

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