December 18, 2000

According to, ARCH ENEMY are currently rehearsing in a Gothenburg studio. Production duties have been handed over to Fredrik Nordstrom, with mixing being held in the UK with Andy Sneap. Still no word on a new vocalist.

FEAR FACTORY have finished mixing their forthcoming LP, "Digimortal". Mastering will take place in January.

ARMAGEDDON‘s second album, "Embrace The Mystery", is ready for release in Japan. The band’s new line-up features ARCH ENEMY drummer Daniel Erlandsson, new singer Rickard Bengtsson and bassist Dick Löwgren.

ATHEIST have reformed and are jamming with drummer Jason West. A new album is expected by the middle of 2001.

LOCK UP will hit the studio in January with Andy Sneap to record their next album.

ABORTED is currently writing additional songs for their forthcoming album to be released in April 2001 on Listenable Records.

AETURNUS will release a special CD while they prepare new material for their upcoming full-length. This special CD, titled Burning The Shroud, contains one new song, one unreleased track, and other material. Hammerheart America intends to release it February 13th.

ANCIENT RITES will release their fourth studio album on Hammerheart Records. The recordings will take place in December/January with a projected North American street date of May 2001.

ENTHRONED have finished recording their new album, "Armoured Bestial Hell", which will be their final release for the Blackened label.

Holland’s SINISTER have signed to Hammerheart Records and will release their upcoming album on March 26th.

GODGORY will be entering Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 1st to record their fourth album.

Switzerland’s ALASTIS recently spent four weeks recording their new album in Sound Suite Studio. The band have hired a full time keyboardist and are now a five-piece.

…AND OCEANS recorded their new album, Allotropic/Metamorphic – Genesis Of Dimorphism at Abyss Studio B with Tommy Tagtgren at the helm. The final tracklisting follows: ‘Intelligence Is Sexy’, ‘White Synthetic Noise’, ‘Tears Have No Name’, ‘Esprit De Corps’, ‘Odious & Devious’, ‘Of Devillish Tongues’, ‘Postfuturistika’, ‘TBA In A Silver Box’ and ‘New Model World’.

MADDER MORTEM finished recording material for their upcoming album, All Flesh Is Grass, at Studio Underground in Sweden in October. Look for the album to come out in Europe on February 19th and March 6th in the U.S.

VITAL REMAINS is looking for a new record deal. The band is also in search of a professional, permanent death metal bass player. Interested parties contact:

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