December 24, 2000

Here’s a little note from KAM LEE which pretty much updates our interview: "Dispite the rumors… KAULDRON is still going to happen! Yes, the (EQUINOX) members did bail on me… I feel it was mostly out of fear of the unknown more than anything else, but dispite the set back… KAULDRON will still continue! I have plans on entering the studio myself in February to do the MCD… I had written half of the material anyhow, so it shouldn’t be a problem… I just wanted to inform everyone that those "Dark Demonic Forces" sent to work against me have backfired and have only fueled the hellfire in me to take this band to even darker and sicker levels of depravity and gore then ever before! Fuck the weak and destroy the cowards… The year of the tyrant is upon you… can you feel the fear?!"

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