April 19, 2001

The following is a SIX FEET UNDER studio report from Barnes that was posted at www.sfu420.com. "Here we go sick fucks, it’s all coming together. I want to tell you all that this new stuff is sounding brutal as fuck, Schiffman is doing a great job, keepin’ it raw. The best drum sound I’ve heard in a long time – mixing is going great. Mixing our third song today. On Friday the 13th we recorded guest vocals on one of the tracks, ‘Sick And Twisted’, with Karyn Crisis of the band CRISIS. Crisis has been one of my favourite bands for a long time and I have been mesmerized by Karyn’s voice since Deathshead Extermination. Karyn brings a real intense feeling to the song with her vicious vocal style. We both wrote the lyrics for the song and like the title says it is ‘Sick And Twisted’, you will not be disappointed. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Crisis check out www.karyncrisis.com. Next week we record with another guest vocalist. Keep checking back for more details on that and more. Later – Barnes"

UNLEASHED mainman / vocalist / bassist Johnny Hedlund recently talked to Poland’s Masterful Magazine about the group’s reformation and upcoming plans. "The scene was really not that strong for awhile, and we needed a break," he explained. "It’s our first since the start in 1989. I think we’ve gotten some new inspiration now and hopefully you will hear this on the new recording. We didn’t really split up. The band took a break. I think we all need one once in awhile in order to get some perspective on what you do." About the new material, he says that "It will be somewhat harder, a little more angry than usual. However, there will be a change in sounds. New guitar sound, a heavier and distorted bass sound, and also my vocals will be more raging than before. Still the same mix of slow, fast and mid-paced songs as always."

RUNEMAGICK have parted ways with Century Media after having released two full-length CDs through the label.

According to www.digitalmetal.com, SOUL REAPER have confirmed they are no longer on Nuclear Blast. According to the band’s website, www.soulreaper-sweden.com, the quintet have written nearly an album’s worth of material for their sophomore effort. Although no recording or release dates have been set, the band has already recorded a cover of MORBID ANGEL’s ‘Fall From Grace’.

Wrestling website, 1wrestling.com, reports that SLAYER will follow in MOTORHEAD’s footsteps and record a track for future use by the World Wrestling Federation. The song, ‘Warzone,’ is expected to be on a future WWF CD, but which wrestler will use the song has not been decided. Slayer teaming up with the WWF is somewhat different than Motorhead, as Lemmy and Co. were contacted by the corporation, while Slayer’s Kerry King is a big fan of the sport and got in touch with the company to offer the band’s services.

CADAVER INC. release their new album, Discipline, on May 29th. The tracklisting: ‘Primal’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Murderhead’, ‘Rupture, ‘Die Like This’, ‘Point Zero’, ‘Killtech’, ‘Reptile Robots’, ‘Manic’, ‘Snapper Organs’ and ‘Discipline’. In related news, the band recently had a run in with Norwegian Parliament. The band’s new website jokingly advertised them as a murder clean-up service, ie: you commit the murder, they’ll clean up the evidence. The band listed the service’s address as that of the Norwegian Parliament, prompting Parliament to investigate the site. Head of Security at Norwegian Parliament, Gerrit Loberg, said "I went to the site myself and found it so ugly and scary that we had to go to the police with it."

BAL SAGOTH‘s Atlantic Ascendant album is out in Japan on June 27th through Soundholic. This edition includes the exclusive bonus tracks ‘Dreaming Of Atlantean Spires: Alpha’ and ‘By The Blaze Of The Fire Jewels – Zero’.

DEICIDE are currently in Tampa’s Morrisound Studio working on the follow-up to Insineratehymn.

VINTERSORG are reworking a collection of older songs to be used on a forthcoming EP.

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