April 23, 2001

The busiest man in metal today, KILLJOY, has a lot on his sick platter. With the new label partnership with Philip Anselmo, and his many projects on the go things look to be shaping up, especially since NECROPHAGIA have officially signed with Season Of Mist and are preparing to unleash their new EP Cannibal Holocaust. Killjoy himself gave a sneak preview of some new material; a track of the sick and monstrous sounding ‘Gorelord’ which Killjoy and Philip will release on their label Baphomet / Housecore, a song off his new WURDULAK project which he teams up with Maniac of MAYHEM and Iscariah of IMMORTAL which sounds utterly insane and a sneak preview of the awesome new NECROPHAGIA song, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’. "The Cannibal Holocaust CD is going to have demo tracks, and unreleased stuff, like we’re going to have a song called ‘Baphomet Rises’ and have demo tracks of ‘It Lives In The Woods’ and ‘Burning Moon Sickness’ which was off some of our vinyl releases. The production on the new stuff is going to be much better, we’re going to have a bigger production. The video we shot of it is just studio footage, my vocals parts are not studio footage and a bunch of clips from the movie Cannibal Holocaust. But we also shot a real video for ‘They Dwell Beneath’ and it’s really out of control." So what’s up with the label and how is it shaping up? "What me and Philip were going to do was talk to other labels about being a sub of them but it doesn’t really make financial sense because there’s only so much money after manufacturing and advertising and we have a few things that are going to sell really big, but other than that you’re talking anywhere from 5000 to maybe 50, 000. We re just going to probably going to go with this big distro in the US called ADA. It’s pretty big, bigger than Caroline. With Europe it’s still untapped, and I don t know what we’re going to do with Canada." What will be the first release under Baphomet / Housecore moniker? "Well that’s what me and Philip have to figure out. It’s either going to be GORELORD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, or SOUTHERN ISOLATION. And WURDULAK? I’m not sure if we’re going to do that on our label or shop it so I’m guessing sometime this year but I don’t know when." So when are we going to expect Harvest Ritual, the next NECROPHAGIA full length? "Not until April of 2002. We have some songs written but when I listen to them I think we can take them up another level. I’m just probably going to stay with Philip all of November and December, just writing and then take the whole month of January and record it and then release it on April." What’s up with THE RAVENOUS? "We start recording the new album in August. We were going to start sooner but I’m not sure what label we’re going to go with RAVENOUS since we left Hammerheart. And AMICUSS? "Well it’s going to get pushed as well because we were going to start with that in September and October but that will have to wait until we’re done with the NECROPHAGIA and when Casey is done with the next AMEN. They’re actually starting the new AMEN in September but it will work really well scheduling wise because I have to, for better or for worse, when I get back from Philip’s I have to take a break from June until it is time to do the Ravenous album in August." Finally, everyone is obviously wondering what the deal is with EIBON? "Who knows? I’ve just lost complete interest, and that was the whole point of doing WURDULAK. I mean EIBON should have been out a year ago and Satyr just has to drag everything out. I mean the WURDULAK CD was written in like six weeks and recorded in two weeks, so why does it take three years to write one black metal album that s nothing new you know."

IMPALED NAZARENE are busy writing their seventh studio album, Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace. So far, the band has finished the following songs: ‘The Lost Art Of Goat Sacrificing’, ‘Nyrkillä Tapettava Huora’, ‘The Madness Behind’, ‘Humble Fuck Of Death’, ‘Never Forgive’, ‘Hardboiled And Still ellbound’ and the title track, ‘Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace’. The band will enter Astia studio in late July to record the album. Later in August, the album will be mixed by Mikko Karmila (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH) at Finnvox studio. "The new material will be reliable Impaled Nazarene, definitely not predictable!", says vocalist Luttinen. You can expect an early October release!" Also, the band’s new official homepage is finally open and can be found from: www.impnaz.com. The site will be updated at least twice a week, so it’s very up to date.

MAYHEM will hit New York for a show on June 10th and are expected to hit Chicago and L.A., do a couple of dates in Canada and then head down to South America.

This is an open invitation to join the official NECROPHAGIA fan club. It can be found at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/necrophagia. If you don’t have a yahoo ID, it’s very simple to make one up. Go to www.yahoo.com and click "clubs" and then click sign me up… a few simple steps and your ready to go. The Necrophagia club is for Necro and all of Necro’s related side projects like THE RAVENOUS, EIBON, VIKING CROWN, etc.

A CRADLE OF FILTH North American tour is tentatively being booked for late summer. Rumour has it that MOONSPELL has a good chance of joining Dani and Co. on these dates.

DIABOLIC‘s new album, Subterraineal Magnitude, will be released this fall.

Although MALEVOLENT CREATION was unable to tour this month, MONSTROSITY decided to go ahead and do the five week tour without them. Monstrosity’s new 2 CD set, Enslaving The Masses, will be released on May 22nd. Disc 1 has songs from past albums as well as the infamous Horror Infinity tracks, now on CD. Disc 2 is a live album which includes the never released cover ‘Deadlock’. Watch for Monstrosity to tour again in July with DEEDS OF FLESH in support.

According to a studio report from SIX FEET UNDER‘s Barnes, posted at www.sfu420.com on April 20th, the band’s new CD will be called True Carnage. Some song titles include: ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘It Never Dies’, ‘The Murderers’, ‘Cadaver’, ‘Mutilator’, ‘Impulse To Disembowel’ and ‘Sick And Twisted’, which features CRISIS’ Karen Crisis. Says Barnes, "More than halfway through the mix now… couldn’t be more pleased with the sound. Prepare to have your faces melted."

The following was posted at the TESTAMENT website, www.testamentlegions.com, on April 4th. "Hello! Just a little update to let you know that Chuck is doing well. He’s been taking it easy and spending time with his loved ones. Chuck has also been meeting with a Spiritual Healer. He told me a little about it, and I was blown away – talk about some deep stuff! Part of Chuck’s healing regimen consists of meditating and positive visualization. He’s feeling great and sends his thanks to you fans for your wonderful messages! I will keep you up to date right here."

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