February 04, 2001

Norwegian label EdgeRunner Records will release CALLENISH CIRCLE‘s 2nd full-length album "Graceful… yet Forbidding" exclusively in Europe. The album is completely re-mastered at Franky’s Recording Kitchen by producer Bertus Westerhuis (a.o. God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Altar) resulting in an even heavier and more powerful sound than on the original DSFA-release (which was for Benelux only). The European release features 4 bonus-tracks (the complete Escape mcd) and it has a playing-time of almost 70 minutes now. Besides the artwork is restyled by Gavin. EdgeRunner Records is planning a complete new promotion-campaign with promo-cd’s, advertisements and interviews in all important European magazines. For more information, promotion and distribution contact: EdgeRunner Records, P.O. Box 1215, 0367 Oslo, Norway, E-Mail: mail@edgerunner-rec.com, Website: www.edgerunner-rec.com The band’s 3rd full-length album will be recorded at Stage-One Studio in Germany at the end of April with well-known producer Andy Classen (a.o. Rotting Christ, Krisiun & Die Apokalyptischen Reiter). The new material is supposed to be more straightforward and aggressive but still featuring the typical Callenish Circle-trademarks, known from the previous releases. 2 very special cover-tracks are planned as well (one even from a non-metal act…). After the release of the new album (late 2001) a European support-tour is planned. CALLENISH CIRCLE is furthermore looking for serious record-labels to license "Graceful… yet Forbidding" in South East Asia / Japan and North / South America exclusively (plenty of bonus-tracks are available for that). For more information contact: psavelko@nl.packardbell.org

Johan Lindstrand has decided to leave the position as the singer of THE CROWN. Read the details at: www.thecrownonline.com

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