February 19, 2001

BARNEY GREENWAY, lead vocalist for Napalm Death is overjoyed at the constant comparisons to Motorhead that his band receives. "Everyone says that and I’m quite privileged. Motorhead is my favorite band. All the years that I’ve been into music, I wouldn’t be playing if it wasn’t for them. A lot of bands in our position would have folded by now. We just irritate people and get up their noses because we are traditional hardcore, traditional thrash. We are as we are. We’re like working class kids doing our thing, dressing how we want to, and people don’t like that cause things are very fashion oriented. When a band for example, like Papa Roach, can come up and hit platinum status straightaway, it makes you wonder. But we just kept plugging away. We try not to let things like that bother us. First and foremost, we do it for the music and not the money. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a dignified existence. No one deserves to be fucking poor. Whether you’re a musician, you work in a car factory, whether you’re a cleaner, no one deserves to fucking struggle and suffer. That’s what a lot of people tend to forget. We just carry on doing what we’ve got to do for as long as it lasts or as long as we feel that it’s still appropriate, still relevant."

DESTRUCTION are currently working on new material in preparation for entering Abyss Studios in April. Peter Tägtgren will once again produce. In the mean time, the band will play some South American and Mexican dates in late March.

According to www.digitalmetal.com, DAN SWANÖ is finalizing a vertible laundry list of projects he’s been involved over the past few years. Swanö’s progressive rock band, UNICORN, will release a four CD boxset called, A Recollection Of Worlds. He calls it, "… masterpiece of progressive music." His gothic rock act NIGHTINGALE is now a fully-functional live band, drawing members from MEMORY GARDEN and MOMENTO MORI into the fold. Swanö sings and plays guitar in this project. Nightingale will play locally in Sweden during the months of April and June."The songs we’ve been messing around with in one form or another are: ‘Scarred For Life’, ‘Still In The Dark’, ‘The Game’, ‘Game Over’, ‘Alonely’, ‘Deep Inside Of Nowhere’, ‘Revival’, ‘Steal The Moon’, ‘Nightfall Overture’ and some oldies, ‘Black Tears’, ‘Sacrificed’ and ‘Losing Myself’ and maybe, just maybe ‘Blood Of My Enemies’" said the former EDGE OF SANITY vocalist. "All songs are complete with keyboards and backing vocals, and it sounds extremely well! If nothing fails this line up will also record the next album. There are already two new tracks ready for the rehearsal room and many more in the making! Beware!"

Cogumelo Records have released a compilation entitled "20 Years Of Noise", in celebration of it’s 20 years of activity in extreme music. The tracklisting: SEPULTURA – ‘Troops Of Doom’, OVERDOSE – ‘Violence’, SARCOFAGO – ‘Satanic Lust’, MUTILATOR – ‘Immortal Force’, CHAKAL – ‘Jason Lives’, WITCHHAMMER – ‘My Mirror’, THE MIST – ‘Falling Into My Inner Abyss’, SEXTRASH – ‘Genital Tumor’, VULCANO – ‘Bloody Vengeance’, DORSAL ATLANTICA – ‘Straight’, RATOS DE PORAO – ‘General Crisis’, EMINENCE – ‘Rota’ and SIEGRID INGRID – ‘Murder’. Cogumelo dedicates this compilation to Magoo (Mutilator) and to Osvaldo (Sextrash), who left us too soon.

DYING FETUS, GORGUTS, SKINLESS and THE BERZERKER hit the road in the US beginning March 15 in Albany, NY until April 14 at the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest -Worcester, MA

INTERNAL BLEEDING have signed a three album deal with Olympic Recordings. The band’s next album should be out this Summer

SATYRICON have won the Alarm prize for Best Live Band Of 2000. Frost adds, "We have delightfully received the Alarm prize for Best Norwegian Live Band – 2000. I am happy to state this, since it bears evidence of a magnificent response from our audience – hail to them! And in turn it means that our hard work with the tours and one-off shows has been appreciated and therefore successful."

Moonfog have inked a deal with KHOLD from Norway (they have just recorded their debut, MasterPiss Of Pain) and Italy’s MONUMENTUM. who will release a new album later this year.

HOUWITSER have inked a deal with Osmose. The band now includes a second guitarist, SINISTER’s Alex.

MARDUK‘s new album, La Grande Danse Macabre, will be available on both CD and vinyl LP formats through Regain Records on March 12th.

THORNS will soon release a new album, The Ultimate Manifest, through Moonfog. The album features MAYHEM’s Hellhammer on drums, and vocals from Aldrahn (DHG) and Satyr (SATYRICON), who also co-produced the album.

Century Media will re-issue CRYPTOPSY‘s first two albums, "None So Vile" and "Blasphemy Made Flesh", in the next few months. The band are currently planning a national tour.

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