February 22, 2001

THE HAUNTED have been awarded a Grammy in the Swedish Grammy Awards which were held this week. The Swedish quintet walked away with the award in the Best Hard Rock Band category, beating off other nominees Entombed, The Hives and Hammerfall. Obviously delighted with the accolade, vocalist, Marco said "we wouldn’t have won the award if it wasn’t for the continued support from our army of fans both in Sweden and across the world, it just goes to show that metal hasn’t died and never will!" The Haunted are currently on tour across Europe with Nile, in support of their second album "The Haunted Made Me Do It", for details of the tour checkout the Earache Website – www.earache.com or use our on tour section.

On March 20, 2001 Necropolis Records will release REQUIEMS OF REVULSION – A TRIBUTE TO CARCASS. Here’s the complete tracklist: 1. Regurgitate – Genital Grinder, 2. Rotten Sound – Reek of Putrefaction, 3. Haemorrhage – Rotten To The Gore, 4. Nasum – Tools of the Trade, 5. Cattle Decapitation – Burnt to a Crisp, 6. Exhumed – Exhume To Consume, 7. Disgorge – Hepatic Tissue Fermentation, 8. Machetazo – Suppuration, 9. General Surgery – Empathological Necroticism, 10. Necrony – Pungent Excruciation, 11. Impaled – Carneous Cacoffiny, 12. Pig Destroyer – Genital Grinder / Regurgitation of Giblets, 13. Vulgar Pigeons – Corporeal Jigsore Quandry, 14. Bodies Lay Broken – Microwaved Uterogestation, 15. Engorged – Swarming Vulgar Mass of Infected Virulency, 16. Dead Infection – Pungent Excruciation, 17. Regurgitate – Psychopathologist

"Choice Cuts" is the title of a new IMPALED release. It features rare tracks, cover songs, and demo versions of material that was featured on last year’s debut effort, "The Dead Shall Dead Remain". This special mid-priced disc contains 13 songs for the price of a mini-CD.

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