February 23, 2001

EMPEROR will release their new album "Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" in September. The band is currently recording at Akkerhaugen Studio (additional parts will be done at Ihsahn’s personal studio). The final mix is supposed to take place in May. Some of the songtitles are: ‘The Eruption’, ‘Depraved’, ‘The Tongue Of Fire’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Thorns On My Grave’. According to Ihsahn there’s gonna be nine songs in total on the record. The drumparts should be finished by the end of February. The band is currently working on some orchestral elements. "Prometheus…" is musically supposed to be the missing link between EMPEROR’s older material and the technical elements of "IX – Equilibrium".

On April 17th Deathvomit Records will release "The Genocide Machine" from Pittsburgh PA’s Grindcore act CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN.

Also out on April 17th will be "Forensick" by Mexico’s leading brutal death band DISGORGE. This American version will feature several bonus tracks not available on the European release and George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fischer of CANNIBAL CORPSE appears on one track as a guest vocalist. Disgorge is playing selected American dates in April, including the infamous Ohio Deathfest.

On the same day "Proclaiming Vengeance", the full length debut from Brazil’s MENTAL HORROR (feat. ex-KRISIUN drummer Robles Dresch) will hit the streets.

PHOBIA have been signed by Deathvomit Records.

AEON is a new band from Sweden featuring members of DIABOLICUM. Playing homicidal Swedish Death Metal in the vein of GEHENNA, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and CANNIBAL CORPSE, the Deathvomit debut MCD "Dark Order", will be released in the coming months.

On March 20th Baphomet / Deathvomit will release "Ugliness Revealed", the new full length album from Japan’s DEFILED that should appeal to fans of the technical wizardry of bands like CRYPTOPSY, GORGUTS, VADER & DYING FETUS. Cover art by Wes Benscoter.

THORNSPAWN from Texas have a new Mini CD out entitled, "Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy". It features three brand new tracks, ‘Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy’, ‘Everlasting Siege of the Necrosoldiers’, ‘Master of the Blood Fury’ and a remixed version of the title track. A new full length should be out in late 2001.

Also newly released on Baphomet/Necropolis is "Fuckhole Armageddon" from Sweden’s OCTINOMOS.

BLOODSTAINED DUSK have just released their second album, entitled "Dirge of Death’s Silence".

After being out of print for a considerable amount of time, DISSECTION‘s "The Past Is Alive" is back in stores again with new artwork.

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