January 06, 2001

Majestic Union Records’ METAL FOREVER compilation-CD 2000, which will be out soon, is going to include the following bands: Horresco Referens, Clamor (both Fra), Unholy Archangel, Royal Quest (Gre), Osh, Nokturnal, Bäd Influence (Ger), Berserk (Austria), Vastator (Chile), Cremation (Hol), Maelstrom (Nor), Nattas (Swe), King (Slovakia) and more! 14 unsigned Heavy / Thrash / Death / Doom Metal bands in total, full colour artwork (done by Panos Sounas), 16-20 paged booklet and it will be sold for just 7-8$! More details from: stef@majesticunion.de

There is a new release in the works, a farewell CD of Germany’s mighty R.U.DEAD?, which sadly split-up in ’98! Everybody should be familiar with that cult band, which includes former Poison members that released the infamous "Into the Abyss" MLP! The CD is going to feature material from over 10 years, including a total of 13 songs in 75 min., taken from their ’90 demo, "Hypnos" 7" ’92 (Morbid Records), "Nothing Will be Forgiven" MCD ’95 (still a few copies available, get in touch!), "A Thought Before the Kill" MLP ’97 (limited to 200 copies and totally sold out) and a yet unreleased song from March ’98 (the last recordings ever done)! "Completely Dead", which is the title of the CD, will be released in co-operation with Sempiternal Records from Chicago and is expected Spring 2001! "The style of the band has its roots in the music of Germany’s POISON which played Black/Death Metal long before it became a trend (’84-’87) and is therefore refering mostly to the Thrash/Death/Doom happenings of the 80s (Slayer/Pestilence/Death/Coroner/Trouble/ Venom etc.) without trying to be "retro" or "True Metal". The main goal of R.U.Dead? was to write powerful/heavy/RAW material with quite some variaton but without trying to follow any kind of trend like crossover, so-called "Gothic Metal" or Black/Grind-Noise bullshit" R.U.Dead? For further info contact Majestic Union Records at: stef@majesticunion.de

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