January 13, 2001

DIM MAK‘s second album, "Intercepting Fist" will be out on Dies Irae Productions. The band has begun recording from the 6th to 20th January 2001. They’ve flown over to Florida for this next effort and it is engineered, produced and mastered by Erik Rutan himself in his very own studio, Dimensional Sound Studios. If everything goes as planned, it should be safe to say that a March / April release is possible. Paw Nielsen will most likely be doing the artwork again this time.

FLY MACHINE, formerly known as the mighty CONFESSOR have inked a deal with Dies Irae Productions. Tentatively, the recording will commence sometime in June 2001. All further info at the following address: Dies Irae Productions, attn: Falmi, P.O. Box 337, Yishun Central Post Office, S(917612), Singapore, Phone/Fax: ++(65) 752 1056, e-mail: falmi@singnet.com.sg / dayofwrath@mailcityasia.com, Website: www.members.tripod.com/rickvasp/Main.html

The following news we just received by Rick Cortez of the mighty SADISTIC INTENT: "The question at the moment for us is obviously "what is going on with the recording?". It is actually a bit of a long story but I will keep it as basic as possible. The truth is we have not been in the studio the whole time. Unfortunately we came across problems with the so called "producer" because of his unprofessionalism, which ultimately circumstanced in putting us at a "legal" halt! At that instance we wanted to post this information on our web site but we were advised not to do so. Regardless, that situation alone took about half a year to resolve, not including the other times we were put on hold throughout the session for different reasons! If you add up all the periods that we have been out of the studio it comes out to nearly a year!! The general concurrence seems to be "I read this magazine and it states the record should be out by" so and so dates. Once again, that can also be attributed to the "producer". The original release date was an honest mistake due to optimism and that is certainly not an issue. It was later on when he informed Necropolis Records including us that it was imperative to conclude the recording due to the fact he had some other "big" project which had to be completed. On account of him being the "producer" he was estimating the time it would take him to finish. Since we were towards the final stages of the recording process his notion of conclusion was not a far fetched one. However when another release date was missed, we notified him not to make any more promises if the deadlines could not be met but he did so anyway. Altogether it occurred a few times consequently resulting in the number of wrong release dates! Nevertheless, the bottom line is we finally got our reels back and now we can move forward once again. We’re very excited about our debut full length and are honored that Necropolis Records will be the ones to release it! Although we are proud of the musical art of "Resurrection" and "Ancient Black Earth", our perception of the work on this record is our strongest thus far! We have managed to incorporate some more growth in our newer material, yet, it still retains the Extreme Metal essence our underground following has come to know us by. We are currently in search of another studio to work with so "The Second Coming" is imminent!! Darkness shall prevail!!!"

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