January 18, 2001

ENSLAVED press release concerning Norwegian Grammy Awards Nomination: "We know, we know. Bands like us are supposed to be all unaffected by these things… However, the Norwegian Grammy Awards has been a pioneer in treating extreme metal seriously over the last few years. The whole thing started out with the Dimmu thing a few years back (they did a song live with some half-naked chicks and blew fire half way through the awards). The last three years there has been nothing but Death / Black / Extreme metal nominated in the Hard Rock category. So I guess it is only a natural thing; that the extreme metal bands have their "own" Grammy’s in the homeland of extreme / black metal. To be honest, at this point we have not heard any of the other two nominees (Ram-Zet and Sensa Anima), but you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we ought to win. Hehe! You never know about these things, however. Covenant won two years in a row, which tells us that there might be very disturbed people in the jury. Joke. To conclude in a more or less serious manner. We’re happy to have received this nomination, and if there are no vital dysfunctions amongst the jurors, we will win. And we’ll give the actual bronze harp statue to Garage Rock Pub, so that they can use it as a door handle. And they will give us cheap bear eternally. So there can come something good out of such a nomination, you see. It can be very metal, if you just look at it the right way! As with everything else in life! We thank chaos, miss Fortuna, quantum physics, Vulcan logic and a drop of our own talent for this nomination -Ivar Bjørnson on behalf of the ENSLAVED collective

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