January 20, 2001

INCANTATION have signed a new deal with Necropolis Records. The band has released the following statement regarding this worldwide agreement: "INCANTATION is prepared to begin work with Necropolis Records. We are anxious about working with a label that has its foundation built on blasphemous music. Death Metal with antichristian beliefs isn’t understood by most record company types, it takes real fans of the music to do the right job. We anticipate our debut album with our new brothers of METAL!!" "We’re very glad to welcome INCANTATION to the Necropolis horde," adds Necropolis Records founder/CEO Paul Thind. "We feel the band is not only one of the most important US Death Metal bands who has helped shape the scene as we know it, but will be one of the bands to continue to lead the genre in the 21st century." "We are honored to work with (band founder) John McEntee, a person who has had a profound impact on the US Death Metal scene in the last 10 years through a string of classic albums and an endless number of devastating live performances," continues Thind. "His dedication and persistence is admired by many, especially the staff at Necropolis, and he is definitely a seminal part of what’s going on in Death Metal today." "The band will also have an opportunity to feel comfortable amongst our roster, which is home to several bands that are in the vein of darker and more traditional death metal; artists like Sadistic Intent, Usurper, and others who share the same kinds of ideologies. Prepare for the ultimate assault of blasphemous Death Metal later this year…" INCANTATION will release their Necropolis Records debut in late summer/early fall 2001 Incantation is also preparing to embark on the World of Darkness North American tour with their metal brothers in Immolation and Goatwhore. Visit the Incantation website at www.incantation.com for all tour updates. Incantation is also working on a European tour along with some Brazilian dates as well. So Look out for that.

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