June 01, 2001

INSISION have been signed by Wicked World / Earache to a worldwide deal. The band, hailing from the Scandinavian Death Metal hotbed of Stockholm, Sweden, have steadily been making their presence felt with shows across their homeland with the likes of Hypocrisy, The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral and countless others. Insision offer up putrid, rotting, sickoid Death Metal that relies heavily on a backbone of blastbeats and twisted, rhythmic riffing, leading a burgeoning underground grind scene brought up on a diet of classic Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. With one release already under their belts in the form of 1999’s ‘The Dead Live On’ MCD, and a split release with Inveracity on the way (including a cover of Death’s ‘Zombie Ritual’), Insision will record their debut album for Wicked World in October, for release in early 2002. In the meantime the band have a number of Swedish dates lined up for the summer which the 5-piece will use to nail down material for the debut album.

SLAUGHTER‘s classic 1986 debut "Strappado" will be re-released through Nuclear Blast Records with four additional studio tracks out of the legendary recordings, a complete live show plus a rehearsal as bonus. Furthermore their never released second album "Paranormal" (recorded in the original three piece-line up Sadler / Sumners / Hewson) will also be released, including the "Not Dead Yet" album as a bonus. "Not Dead Yet" was originally released after a few line up-changes under the name STRAPPADO as a cassette only release. This re-release will also feature some additional live stuff. Both CD’s will be digitally remastered by Alexander Krull (ATROCITY), and re-released in a fine digipak version, including liner notes from the band and lots of rare pictures. For more info check out the SLAUGHTER homepage http://interactive-1.rogers.com:80/terrysadler/TERRYSWORLD/

Denmark’s THORIUM will play at this years Nuclear Storm Open Air Festival (Cz) http://nuclear.dynamix.cz and have finished 9 tracks and a cover of CANCER’s ‘Cancer Fucking Cancer’ for their second album, which is gonna be entitled "Unleashing The Demons". Their website www.thorium666.dk was also updated and now features downloads, games, reviews and merchandise. Bassplayer Jakob Hansen was kicked out of the band, cause of his recent sentence. He’s now serving 4 years in jail for rape and drunken boxing.

THORIUM are currently working with the bassplayer who stood in for Jakob on their recent tour. VADER’s Peter has already agreed to produce the next album which might be recorded at Red Studio (POL), where VADER’s "Litany" was recorded.

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