June 26, 2001

KREATOR‘s Violent Revolution album has the following tracklisting: ‘Reconquering The Throne’, ‘The Patriot’ (instrumental), ‘Violent Revolution’, ‘All Of The Same Blood (Unity)’, ‘Servant In Heaven, King In Hell’, ‘Second Awakening’, ‘Ghetto War’, ‘Replicas Of Life’, ‘Slave Machinery’, ‘Bittersweet Revenge’, ‘Mind On Fire’ and ‘System Decay’

A picture disc LP version of TERROR 2000‘s Slaughterhouse album will be available on July 16th through Scarlet. It will feature one bonus track and will be limited to 500 copies. The band will release a new album in December.

IMPALED‘s Choice Cuts U.S. tour kicks off on June 28th at the Diamond Ballroom in Okalhoma City, OK and wraps up on July 29th at The Pound in San Francisco, CA. Other acts on the bill include: VADER, SKINLESS, ORIGIN, IMPALED,WITHERED EARTH and ENTER SELF

ARCH ENEMY‘s Wages Of Sin album will be released soon in Europe, South America and the U.S. with extra material. The Japanese edition of the album can be ordered now at www.cduniverse.com

DISGORGE‘ new album, Chronic Corporea Infest, will be available in LP format with a platinum sticker and three bonus tracks at the end of June. The album is hand numbered, limited to 300 copies

Conquest Music Inc. has announced a new US distribution deal with Big Daddy Distribution The first release through this new partnership is MONTROSITY’s double CD, Enslaving The Masses. The label will continue to be distributed in Canada by PHD, in Europe by Hammerheart and in Japan by Avalon. In other Conquest news, DIABOLIC’s Subterraineal Magnitude is scheduled for release in the fall. The band have also announced the addition of second guitarist Jerry Mortillero who replaces Brian Hipp

CRADLE OF FILTH have posted a sample MP3 of ‘Born In A Burial Gown’, a track from their new album, Bitter Suites To Succubi. Go to www.theorderofthedragon.com/docs/media.htm. The full tracklisting for the new album follows: ‘Sin Deep My Wicked Angel’, ‘All Hope In Eclipse’, ‘Born In A Burial Gown’, ‘Summer Dying Fast’, ‘No Time To Cry (SISTERS OF MERCY cover), ‘The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh’, ‘Suicide And Other Comforts’, ‘Dinner At Deviant’s Palace’, ‘The Black Goddess Rises II’ and ‘Scorched Earth Erotica’.

Olympic Records has secured a licensing deal with Avantgarde for the US release of the latest album from DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE, entitled Death’s Design and due out on August 21st.

According to the Black Mark web site, BATHORY‘s long-awaited Destroyer Of Worlds album is tentatively scheduled to be released on September 24th.

The release date for the new EMPEROR album has been set for October 8th in Europe, Asia and Canada. It will be out in the U.S. on October 4th.

Digitalmetal.com and Relapse are giving away five copies of EXHUMED‘s sawblade shaped Slaughtercult re-issue. This version includes the bonus track, ‘Goreified’. To enter simply send your name and e-mail address to www.digitalmetal.com/contest.asp. The five lucky winners will be announced on July 11th

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