March 09, 2001

WITCHERY have launched their own website to promote their forthcoming and long awaited third full length album for Necropolis Records. Band leader, and brand new Swedish grammy winner, Patrik Jensen (also of THE HAUNTED) had this to say about what the band has been up to since the release of their seminal "Dead, Hot & Ready" album in 1999, which is also found on the bands’ website: "First of all, we are very sorry to say that we have lost founding member / drummer Mique. Mique had recently become a father and also experienced a very promising career move, which made him come to the conclusion that he had had enough. We thank him for the years he stuck with the band and we wish him the best of luck. A permanent replacement has been found in Martin Axe (of Nifelheim / Satanic Slaughter fame) and he will be handling the duties on the upcoming 3rd full-length album. Ah… yes…. a new full length album from Witchery. We entered Berno Studio on January 29th and we finished it up on the 10th of February. We’re aiming for a release early this summer. There’s no definite album title yet, but we are using the name "It’s An Early Grave…" at the moment. This specific title refers to how incredibly hard it is to get everyone together to pull off a new album or to tour… So, to get this new album done we’ve been forced to work around the clock during the few days we had at our disposal… and we are VERY happy with how it turned out and we’re very anxious to get this album into YOUR HANDS…!" The tentative songtitles for WITCHERY’s third album are as follows… (in no specific order): Wicked, Omens, None Buried Deeper, Inquisition, Called For By Death, Bonemill, The Storm, Shallow Grave, Unholy Wars and Hearse Of The Pharaohs (Guest appearance by Hank Sherman, Mercyful Fate).

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