March 13, 2001

AETERNUS is currently mixing their new album "Ascention Of Terror" in Grieghallen with their producer Pytten.

ALAS have finished all the pieces for their debut-album "Absolute Purity Vol.I". The last remaining part will be the cover-artwork that needs to be 200% fitting, since this album is supposed to set new standards in the fields of Metal with female vocals.

ANCIENT RITES have finished their new album "Dim Carcosa". It’s supposed to feature an ultimate combination of Black, Death and Heavy Metal with keyboard-orchestration.

CRUACHAN‘s new album was co-produced by Shane MacGowan (of The Pogues). The single ‘Ride-on’ even features Shane on a few vocal lines. The full album "Folk-lore" can be expected in August.

DIABOLIC have finished their second album "Subterraineal Magnitude". Fans of high quality Tampa Death Metal will certainly not be disappointed.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER guitarist Eumel has an injury on his hand (similar to Demonaz of Immortal).

DISMEMBER will hit the studio in the summer-time to record their first album for Hammerheart Records.

EXMORTEM will release their new album "Berzerker Legions" in May.

MACABRE will re-release their legendary "Gloom" album (re-mastered and with exclusive bonus songs) during this Summer. Check them out at Dynamo.

MONSTROSITY will release a double-CD called "Enslaving The Masses" in August. It will feature a live-CD and a CD with obscure tracks from demos, 7"’s etc.

PRIMORDIAL will re-releases "Imrama" and "A Journey’s End" with the original design and re-mastered. A new album will follow in Autumn 2001.

REBAELLIUN have recorded their new album "Annihilation" in Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen (Krisiun, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter).

SATARIEL is ready to record and have chosen Daniel Bergstrand as producer in Studio Underground (this combination brought us Darkane’s "Rusted Angel").

In April SEVERE TORTURE will tour in the US.

SINISTER will record "Creative Killings" right after they return from their April tour.

THRONEAEON have finished their album "Neither Of Gods". Swedish Death Metal with a touch of US Death Metal, very well executed and recorded in Studio Underground.

CRADLE OF FILTH have announced that the first release to come out of their new imprint label AbraCadaver, will be their own new studio project, "Bitter Suites To Succubi". This will be the band’s first release since 2000’s "Midian", which has taken Cradle Of Filth’s total world-wide sales over 1 Million units, and charted in the UK, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and debuted at number 30 in Germany. The project will feature four completely new songs, plus a cover of the SISTERS OF MERCY classic, ‘No Time To Cry’ as well as three complete re-workings of ‘The Black Goddess Rises’, ‘Summer Dying Fast’ and ‘The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh’ from the band’s legendary albums "Vempire – Dark Faerytales in Phallustein" and "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh". The complete tracklisting will be announced shortly. The album, produced by Cradle Of Filth and mixed by John Fryer also features the acclaimed string quartet APOCALYPTICA, famed for their classical renditions of METALLICA compositions. The cover art for the studio project comes from the amazing JK Potter, who not only designed cover art for Clive Barker, JG Ballard and Isaac Asimov, but also the stunning images for Cradle Of Filth’s ‘Midian’ album. The artwork will also include individual portraits coming from John Coulthart – better known for his illustrations of HP Lovecraft stories. To celebrate the launch of AbraCadaver, Snapper Music will film Cradle Of Filth’s appearance at the legendary Nottingham Rock City on Easter Saturday, the 14th of April, for a worldwide netcast and later release on DVD and Video. Their only other visual release "PanDaemonAeon" maintained 7 weeks in the Billboard Video Chart. The netcast will be broadcast from April 15th (times to be confirmed) in association with rock and metal portal The netcast will be viewer’s first chance to see and hear the brand new songs before their release on "Bitter Suites To Succubi". "Bitter Suites To Succubi" will be released on May 29th 2001.

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