March 16, 2001

ATHEIST‘s back catalogue will be re-issued through France’s Seasons Of Mist Records early this summer, starting with "Piece Of Time", followed by 1992’s "Unquestionable Presence", and then finally "Elements" with a live album slated for a early 2001 release, and hopefully later in 2001 a brand new ATHEIST record. There will also be a new official website going up soon, so watch the current website for more details on that! Check out singer Kelly Shaefer’s new band nEURoTiCa, you can download for free here

INFACTED DISARRAY will enter Orchard Studios in Northampton on March 31st to record a 3 track promo as a prelude to their first full length CD for release in October 2001. MP3’s have been added to their website, along with lyrics and tabulature. Go to:

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