March 23, 2001

CENTURIAN have finished all nine songs for their upcoming new CD, which will be called: "Liber ZarZax". Some song titles are: ‘Colosseum Of Blood’, ‘Heading For Holocaust’ and ‘Speech Of The Serpent’. In April, May and June the band will enter one of the best Dutch studios to record the album, which will be released through Listenable Records in September. On May 12 Centurian will start playing live again. The new line-up is supposed to be very well prepared, and the band motivated more than ever before. Check out our tourdates section for already confirmed dates or visit their updated website for the latest details.

WORLD WAR III RECORDS have announced their first releases. Here’s the first bunch that will see the light of day soon: HATE – "Holy Dead Trinity" (for more info on HATE go to:, BELFEGOR (POL) – "The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces", FOG (US) – "Through The Eyes Of Night…" (for more info on FOG go to:, CENTINEX – "Hellbrigade" (licensed for the US market – further info at: and AVULSED – "Stabwound Orgasm" (US release with bonus tracks – further info at:

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