March 25, 2001

INCANTATION Press Release, Sunday March 25 2001: INCANTATION would like to issue the following statement concerning the incident at the Voodoo Lounge in Queens NY on Friday March 24. This was the 2nd night of the "World Of Darkness" tour with IMMOLATION and GOATWHORE and was to be a 4-week run across the U.S. from March through April. However, INCANTATION was forced to end the tour due to the series of events that occurred that night. First off, during the show the tour van was broken into and most of the bands personal belongings were stolen along with most of the tour shirts that the band had with them at the time. This was a setback, but the band put it behind them and prepared for the performance of the evening. After the INCANTATION set, vocalist / guitarist Mike Saez was injured while trying to separate a friend and another individual from fighting. Mike was stabbed in the arm, slicing the biceps, skin and tendon and was rushed to the hospital. Mike’s injury has put the band’s tour schedule on hold until it is determined the severity of his injury. Already we are told this injury without complications will take several weeks to heal. Without Mike able to play guitar at the moment, this prevents INCANTATION from touring at this time Chris Shaw of NY Death Metal band DEATHRUNE, Mike’s friend and former band mate was stabbed seven times in the back and received a massive slash to the face that ran from the ear to chin long. At this moment Chris lies in critical condition at North Shore Hospital in New York. Another show attendee also was cut in the attack and has lost the feeling in his hand due to the deep slash into the forearm. There was an overwhelming amount of police response and the show was abruptly ended without IMMOLATION playing. The suspect attempted to flee but was apprehended by Kyle Severn who chased the individual and held him till police arrived. Incantation sends its deepest condolences to the Shaw family and hope for a speedy recovery. Incantation would also like to express our sympathy to the other injured individual as well. Finally, we would like to offer our apologies to our tour mates IMMOLATION and GOATWHORE, the club promoters, our booking agent and the all the supporters of INCANTATION for disappointment we all share in this senseless act of pathetic stupidity. INCANTATION

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