March 28, 2001

INCANTATION Press Release, Wednesday March 28, 2001: Mike was re-admitted to the hospital yesterday. It is undetermined if it’s related to the stabbing or not. He woke up to terrible pain in his stomach and upper abdomen, so he was rushed to the emergency room, where they found that his pancreas count was 9 times what it should be and he had to be admitted for at least 3 days. They done multiplies of tests to figure out why his pancreas is inflamed. No word as of yet, but we are told these things take time. We continue to keep vigilance for a complete recovery. At this point we would like to release this statement by Mike Saez regarding Friday March 23: "I would really like to say thank you to all of the people that have shown support and sent emails to me, and to my friend Chris Shaw about the situation that occurred at The Voodoo Lounge this past Friday night, March 23rd 2001, in Queens NY. Your support is extremely appreciated more than you would ever know. After being in the hospital this weekend I was released and am doing better. The great doctors at North Shore University Hospital were able to reattach my muscle, my tissue, and sew my arm up. I am now resting at home with many stitches. I can’t play guitar or work out, but I am looking forward to getting better so that we may play shows for all the people that wanted to see us on this "World Of Darkness" tour, that due to these circumstances, we could not continue to play. My best friend Chris Shaw, whom I played with in my previous band (DEATHRUNE), was released from the hospital today. He has some scars, but luckily is also expected to recover 100 percent. He also wishes to thank everyone that has shown concern for his well being. Our other friend Peter Schultz is still in the hospital. He was stabbed deep in the forearm and at the moment has no movement in his hand and arm. There is no word when he will be released from the hospital. I have heard from friends that there are a million different versions on the Internet of what actually happened at the club. All that happened was I saw my friend Chris in a fight, the club had no security whatsoever, and I ran over to break it up, I was then stabbed in my arm. In my eyes I saw a person that paid to come in and watch us play and another person who is a close friend of mine and figured I would try to defuse the situation. Nothing else aside from that happened. I would like to thank my fellow INCANTATION members for all there concern, and especially for my metal brother Kyle Severn for running down the street practically almost butt naked and catching the person responsible for all this. I would also like to thank Rob Yench’s sister Jennifer, and her boyfriend John for stepping in and basically saving my life, and the VooDoo Lounge’s bartender. Also thanks goes out to anyone who was there that may have tried to help the situation in any way." – Mike Saez. With the halt of the "World of Darkness" North American tour with IMMOLATION and GOATWHORE the band is awaiting the news concerning Mike’s current situation and how long it will take before Mike can play guitar again? We like to thank everyone who has expressed his or her support for Mike, Chris, Peter and INCANTATION. The group at this point is keeping on schedule the tour dates for the "Blasphemy In Brazil" tour with REBAELLION in Brazil beginning in May. Though the band has previous performed in Chile, Argentina and Columbia this is the first time we will be in Brazil. Our European dates are also still on schedule for August. The group has been asked to perform at this years "Party.San" Open Air festival in Bad Berka, near Weimar / Germany August 9-12. INCANTATION will perform on Friday the 10th. This event will be the first time INCANTATION has returned to Europe since 1997! Additional dates in Germany have been announced and another festival in the Czech Republic is also being planned for Saturday the 11th as well. For more info check out

Janna Saarenpää of THE CROWN will play the upcoming No Mercy Festivals as the drummer of GOD DETHRONED. Of course Janne is still in THE CROWN and he is not the new drummer of GOD DETHRONED. He just helps them out at these shows!

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