March 29, 2001

ENSLAVED has now booked studio time for their upcoming album. They will enter the legendary Grieghallen Studios on the 30th July, and the recording session ends at 18th August 2001. The mixing will take place at the Duper Studios from the 27th August and ends at the 2nd September. The release is planned for October 15, 2001. In the meantime feel free to check out the "Members"-section @ where you’ll find tons of info about all four members; R. Kronheim tells the world how he sees it, Dirge Rep lets us into his chaotic universe, Grutle Kjellson gives us a brief history of time and concept and finally Ivar Bjørnson gives you some insight in his world. By the way, Dirge Rep has not quit ENSLAVED. He has joined AURA NOIR as their full time drummer, but will do both now. As a "thank you" to the fans / followers / listeners for the massive support since the release of "Mardraum – Beyond the Within", ENSLAVED will put up their entire "Yggdrasill" (’92) demo-tape on their site, for you to download for free! This will be available from Friday 30th March 2001. Also included will be a mid- and a high-resolution image of the original cover for the die hard historians! During the preparation for the upcoming album, ENSLAVED has decided to make one extra song, exclusive just for the visitors @! This song will be recorded and released as both a MP3 and a .WAV file on the site. Again; totally free of charge. Expected net-release date is sometime during May 2001.

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