May 10, 2001

Here’s a little update from SADISTIC INTENT‘s Rick Cortez concerning the band’s situation right now: "After finally getting our reels (masters) back from the last "producer" not so long ago, we searched for another studio and eventually found one! We recently entered this studio in which we are now working with Bernie Versailles from the band Agent Steel! Due to the fact that Bernie is in Agent Steel we can not work every day because of the busy schedule with his band among other things. Concerning the recording itself, unfortunately some of the actual tracks (not songs) recorded at the previous studio are partially or completely missing. It’s simply another obstacle we’ve come across and rather than get into that shit (of different possibilities and so forth…) we simply put this behind us to accomplish our personal best!!! Therefore, we have no choice but to do some re-tracking and of course the mixing. As much as we would like to announce a specific release date, at this stage we simply can not. However, really considering the limited amount of time we have available in the studio, perhaps by the Summer (2001). Although we are not finished yet, ascertaining from what’s been recorded so far we can tell this is going to be a monumental release of extreme and obscure musical art! We are very thrilled with the material on this recording up to this point, so for those of you who’ve enjoyed our previous releases, once again, prepare for "The Second Coming Of Darkness"!!!"

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