May 12, 2001

On May 4th RAVENTHRONE concluded the recordings and mixing of the follow up to "Malice In Wonderland" entitled "Endless Conflict Theorem". The album was recorded in Vienna, Austria at the Vato Loco Studio, owned and operated by Martin of Hollenthon / Pungent Stench fame. Many of the stylistic elements that were used on "Malice In Wonderland" can be heard on this album as well. According to the band, they did however take the music a few steps further to create an album that sounds both traditional but at the same time experimental and fresh, using alot of normal, epic singing, progressive keyboard sounds and yet still maintaining an aggressive edge. The drums were played by Mike, who can also be heard on both Hollenthon releases, adding alot to the overall sound of the album. "Endless Conflict Theorem" will be released in late summer / early fall, by Avantgarde Music. For information, please contact them at An eerie new PAZUZU album is also in the works.

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