May 25, 2001

Italian extreme Metal leaders NECRODEATH just finished to record their 4th album that follows the highly acclaimed "Mater Of All Evil". The new album, recorded again at the Underground Studios / Sweden with the producer Pelle Saether (Carnal Forge, Ebony Tears, Terror 2000) is entitled "Black As Pitch" and features among others the following songs: ‘Burn And Deny’, ‘Mortal Consequence’, ‘Anagaton’, ‘Killing Time’, ‘Saviours Of Hate’. The band statement is: "The result is just amazing! We never expected such a killer-album! But we’ve done it! This is the most violent album we’ve done since the beginning of our career. It follows the same vein of the come-back album ‘Mater Of All Evil’, it’s NECRODEATH style 100%, but the new songs are and even more direct and the riffs will cut your throat like never before! A real blood-shower!" Expect the release in October 2001.

Sweden’s DIVINE SOULS joined forces with Scarlet Records. Their debut album "Embodiment" will be released in July with a brilliant cover artwork done by Soilwork’s keyboard-player / artwork maker Carlos Del Olmo. According to the label, DIVINE SOULS are "…for all the metallers into the ‘nu-Swedish death metal’ ala In Flames… Great riffs, pure aggression with a melodic touch!"

After the momentary break caused by the departure of the ex-DEATH SS guitarist Steve Minelli who left the band after the release of the debut album "Technical Crime" NODE is now ready to record the second album with a new line up consisting of the original members Daniel, Gary and Klaus and a new drummer. "Sweatshops" will be recorded in August at Underground Studios, Sweden (Necrodeath, Carnal Forge, Terror 2000) and features cover artwork by Soilwork’s Carlos Del Olmo. Some titles of the new songs are ‘Bloody Hills’, ‘Last Doctor’, ‘Thantophobia’ and ‘Sacristan’ Scorn Toward Water’. Expect a mix of Death, Carcass, In Flames and At The Gates.

THE DEFACED just finished the recordings of their debut album "Domination Commence". The band features Soilwork drummer Henry Ranta and Darkane guitarist Klas Ideberg (who are both also involved in the Terror 2000 debut album "Slaughterhouse Supremacy"). They combine influences from early-Machine Head, Meshuggah and Testament. The European release is scheduled for October, the Japanese release in September and will feature the Led Zeppelin cover ‘When The Levee Breaks’ as a bonus track.

THE PROVENANCE from Sweden is mixing soundscapes from My Dying Bride, Anathema, The Gathering, Arcturus, Änglagård and 70’s progressive heroes like Jethro Tull. They combine complex but not over-worked arrangements with sensitive melodies and vocal experimentation on their debut album "25th Hour; Bleeding", that will be released in October 2001.

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