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May 29, 2003

MORBID ANGEL have entered D.O.W. (Diet Of Worms) Studios in Seffner, Florida, to record their next album. In the studio are guitarist Trey Azagthoth, drummer Pete Sandoval, and bassist / vocalist Steve Tucker, along with co-producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez who has worked as Morbid Angel’s live front-of-house sound engineer for the past eight years. Tentatively dubbed "H2K3", Morbid Angel’s next album is as-yet-untitled but is rumored to begin with the letter, "H", in keeping with the alphabetical order of all the band’s preceding albums — beginning with their 1989 Earache debut, "Altars Of Madness", and continuing through their last release, 2000’s "Gateways To Annihilation". "H2K3" is slated for a September 2003 worldwide release on Earache Records.

DEICIDE are currently in Tampa, writing and rehearsing material for their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled Earache debut. According to Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, the new material will be "the heaviest, fastest shit Deicide has ever released. Fans should have a box of depends ready ’cause they’ll all be shitting all over themselves when they hear it." Deicide plans to hit the studio mid-summer for release in October on Earache.

After a couple of years of wrangling between NAPALM DEATH and Earache, peace finally reigns and Napalm and Earache have co-ordinated a "Best of & Rarities" 2 CD set for release on 7 July 2003 in UK / Europe. The title of the comp, selected by Barney is "Noise For Music’s Sake". Disc 1 of the set contains the best tracks culled from Napalm’s 10 album career with Earache. Disc 2 is made up of very rare tracks, including long lost recordings from the early line-up with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer. Shane Embury has supplied stunningly rare and never released tracks from early ND gigs at the Mermaid pub in 1986 from the early Bullen / Broadrick / Harrris era. Liner notes for the set incorporating many unseen pics and exclusive interviews with the band members is being co-ordinated by Shane Embury. See confirmed track listing on the Earache site here www.earacherecords.org/catalog/mosh266.html

The brand new album "The Painter’s Palette" from Italian avantgarde metallic-neo-jazz maestros EPHEL DUATH is out in the UK / Europe. The album is conceptually inspired from the connection between sounds and colours, "The Painter’s Palette’s" artwork is published strictly in black and white. The intention of it is to give colour through their sounds or to play the sound of colours. With titles such as ‘The Passage (Pearl Grey)’ and ‘Ruins (Deep Blue And Violet)’ every song is depicted by a different chromatic shade, so the listener’s mind becomes a painting with infinite possibilities of sounds and colours, musical tonalities and contrasting hues. The album has already received amazing reveiws – with the full KKKKK in Kerrang from the esteemed journalist Jonathan Selzer. A video clip for ‘The Passage’ is available for viewing at www.earache.com. Read an exclusive interview with singer Davide Tiso here www.earacherecords.org/news_stories/ephel_duath.html#interview

An in-depth interview with CARCASS‘ ex-members is set to be exclusively revealed at www.earache.com at 17.00 UK time on Friday 30 May. Be sure to log onto the site to catch the first interview with this legendary band in 5 years, the first time they have spoken since they split. Some interesting news will be revealed.

FUSE (formerly MuchMusic USA)’s Metal show, "Uranium", is devoted to coverage of last weekend’s New England Metal and Hardcore Fest during the month of June. Each new episode in June features interview footage with one band from the fest, and kicking it all off on Monday, June 2, is an episode featuring THE HAUNTED. Tune in at 7 pm eastern time to see exclusive footage, both onstage and backstage chatting it up with Uranium host, Juliya. www.fuse.tv

May 27, 2003

Reunited Texan Thrashers RIGOR MORTIS have re-launched their official web site at www.rigormortis.com. The group’s bassist / vocalist Casey Orr, who has spent the past few weeks playing with the reunited SPEEDEALER, has posted the following update on the band’s activities: "A lot has been happening since this site went down for reconstructive surgery, so I’ll cut to the chase. Guitarist Mike (Scaccia), drummer Harden (Harrison), and I got together in January 2003 and started jamming together and discussing the possibility of putting RIGOR MORTIS back together. Before that could happen, Mike was called back into active duty with MINISTRY for some extensive touring. Meanwhile Harden’s band, SPEEDEALER, has reactivated and is working on a new album to be produced by Jeff Pincus of BUTTHOLE SURFERS fame. I will be playing bass for SPEEDEALER on the new record and through a June / July East Coast tour. At that point, SPEEDEALER should have a permanent bassist in place, and I will be back full time playing with THE BURDEN BROTHERS. Also, my punk band, THE HELLIONS, will be reuniting to play a show June 2nd with BLACK FLAG. You can find a listing of all our activities on each respective webpage. As for RIGOR MORTIS, we hope to find time to work on some new material and eventually put out a new record sometime before Hell freezes over! In the meantime we have the re-issue of the first record available and new shirts coming soon. I hope you enjoy the site and keep checking back for updates, etc."

After their split with Barbarian Wrath MORRIGAN signed a new deal with Supreme Chaos Records. The band will enter Maranis Studio in January 2004 to record their 3rd CD / LP "Celts", which will be released in Feb. / March 2004. www.morrigan.org

May 26, 2003

EXODUS will begin recording their new album, "Tempo Of The Damned", at the end of May with producer Andy Sneap. The release will include two of the groups older songs, ‘Death Row’ and ‘Impaler’.

SLAYER have scheduled a July 8th performance at London’s Astoria. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. Also, CMH / Vitamin Records will release the tribute album "The Evil You Dread: String Quartet Tribute To Slayer" on June 10th.

According to OPETH‘s official website, www.opeth.com, the band will perform two tracks from their "Damnation" album during a morning show appearance on Sweden’s Channel 4 (TV4) on May 28th.

HATE ETERNAL will be back in the UK / Ireland for a string of dates with DYING FETUS, DEEDS OF FLESH and SEVERE TORTURE in September. Confirmed shows include: September 4 – Underworld – London, UK, 5 – Rio’s – Bradford, UK, 6 – Music Club – Dublin, Ireland, 7 – Pitz – Milton Keynes, UK and 8 – Soundhouse – Colcester, UK.

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT have inked a deal with Rage Of Achilles Records and will release their "… Of Empires Forlorn" album through the label in September. A 2004 European tour will support the release.

Rage Of Achilles has also signed Finland’s FALL OF THE LEAFE. The band will enter the studio in September to record their fourth album (first for ROA). A new single will be released in early 2004, with the new album to follow shortly thereafter.

DER GERWELT from Russia have also just signed with Rage Of Achilles. Their debut album is due out in late Summer 2003.

May 25, 2003

It’s been very quiet around California’s Death Metal masters INFAMY ever since their "Rape, Grind & Pillage" promo from 2001, but the band is luckily still alive and kickin’! Their actual formation includes a musician from fellow Death Metal merchants COFFIN TEXTS and a new album is almost composed. The band is currently searching for a label to release it. More infos: coffintexts2112@hotmail.com

Australia’s ENCABULOS have changed their name to CRUCIFIRE. A demo will be out in a few weeks. More infos later. www.encabulos.ca.Tc

THE KILL and BIRDFLESH have nearly completed their recordings for a 7" EP, planned for a release later this year. They are searching for a label to release it. Contact: thekill@iprimus.com.au

James Murphy is working on another DISINCARNATE album. Dave Culross (ex – SUFFOCATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATEPLOW) will probably play the drums on this one.

SUICIDE SHIFT is a new project, including Steve DiGiorgio, SADUS guitarist Darren Travis and TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy. James Murphy has also jammed with them and might be a part of it. Nothing is recorded yet, as the guys’ main bands are busy, so you’ll have to wait.

The French brutal Death Metallers FATE are working on their next CD that will be different than "No Sense", yet remain extreme. 70% of the album is composed. Galy Records will re-release the last three recordings of the band on a CD: the "Va Te Faire Enculer" demo, the "No Sense" CD and their tracks of the "Gore Zoo" 4 ways split CD with SUPPOSITORY, TEKKEN and SERGENT SLAUGHTER. www.lecommando.com/

May 23, 2003

The METAL BASH is a new festival in Neu Wulmstorf (near Hamburg, Germany). Confirmed bands are: TWISTED TOWER DIRE, TORMENT, STORMWARRIOR, SOLEMNITY, PARAGON, MEPHISTOPHELES, HOLY MOSES, GUN BARREL, GODDESS OF DESIRE, DARK AGE and CROSSFIRE (somewhere between NEVERMORE and old MEGADETH). Tickets are € 15,- plus pp, etc. For more infos check www.remedyrecords.de and click the Metal Bash logo.

The 5th SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL will take place in Abtsgmünd, Germany, just like last year. There will be 50 bands on 2 stages. The date is 21st – 23rd of August 2003. The camping area will be opening on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and the festival is going to start on Thursday at 02:00 p.m. Recently confirmed is MESHUGGAH. For more information go to: www.summer-breeze.de

May 21, 2003

Germany’s FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING have been signed by Metal Blade for 5 albums. Their first full length album "Skywards" will be released later this year. For further info, check out the band’s website at: www.fragmentsofunbecoming.com/

May 20, 2003

In 2003 UNIQUE LEADER will be adding a number of re-releases to their catalogue. All re-releases concern long time out of print collectors items. Confirmed re-releases so far are: Deeds Of Flesh – "Gradually Melted" (first MCD, available now), Disgorge – "Cranial Impalement" (first MCD, available now), Gorgasm – "Bleeding Profusely" (first full length, available summer / fall 2003), Mortal Decay – "Sickening Erotic Fanaticism" (first full length, available summer / fall 2003).

MORTAL DECAY have been confirmed for this year’s Milwaukee Metalfest and will play on Friday night July 25th. They are also setting up a small tour on the east coast before the fest.

DISGORGE is booked to play the Central Illinois Deathfest in August. Check the tours section on www.uniqueleader-europe.com for more information. In the meantime the band is writing new material for the follow up of the "Consume The Forsaken" album.

Unique Leader have signed PSYCROPTIC from Australia. An mp3 is up now to check out from their upcoming release "The Scepter Of The Ancients". Psycroptic will be touring with Incantation in Australia June. Tour dates are up now on www.uniqueleader-europe.com

GORGASM have signed with Unique Leader. Their next full length album "Masticate To Dominate" will be recorded from May 2nd-13th for a late summer / fall 2003 release. The band has added Paul Garcia on bass duties and is confirmed to play on the Bloodletting North America #4 tour later this year.

DECREPIT BIRTH have finished the recording for "… And Time Begins". An Advanced mp3 is up at www.uniqueleader-europe.com now. Dan Seagrave who is known for his work with Morbid Angel, Suffocation a.o. has done the cover art. Watch out for a summer release in Europe.

BRUTUS have finished the recordings of their debut album "Slachtbeest" some time ago. Watch out for a summer release and possible live appearances all over Europe. An advance mp3 is now up on www.uniqueleader-europe.com

DEEDS OF FLESH 6th album "Reduced To Ashes" is set to be released worldwide on June 24th 2003. After the release of the album the band will hit the road for 6 weeks straight in Europe along with the likes of Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus and Severe Torture.

Guitarist James Murphy is working on a DEATH tribute album to assist with his medical expenses. Chuck Schuldiner’s family has given their blessing for the project.

QUO VADIS have announced that their new full time vocalist is Stephane Pare. The band have a date booked at Ottawa, ON’s Bumpers Roadhouse on June 7.

Limited colored vinyl versions of DARKTHRONE‘s "Ravishing Grimness" (in blue) and "Plaguewielder" (in red) are available. Only 500 copies each are available.

May 19, 2003

VITAL REMAINS from Providence, Rhode Island / US have revamped their lineup in 2001 with original member Tony Lazaro on guitars, Dave Suzuki on bass, drums and lead guitars and Deicide mastermind Glen Benton taking on the vocal duties. They are prepared to finally unleash "Dechristianize" on July 21, 2003 in Europe. This 9-track epic, recorded at Morrisound Studios (Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under), combines melody with evil atmosphere and a traditional metal feel, with no shortage of satanic verses. The track-listing reads like this: ‘Let The Killing Begin’, ‘Dechristianize’, ‘ Infidel’, ‘Devoured Elysium’, ‘Savior To None… Failure For All’, ‘Unleashed Hell’, ‘Rush Of Deliverance’, ‘At War With God’ and ‘Entwined By Vengeance’. The cover art was done by Jaromir "Deather" Bezruc. All further info at: www.vitalremains.cjb.net

Due to illness in the band THRONEAEON has been forced to cancel the European tour. Here’s a statement from Tony Freed (guitar + vocals): "I’m sorry folks, but we have to cancel all the shows on the tour because of this fucking disease. It’s a high risk of infection and I don’t want anyone of you that hasn’t had it to get it. Our drummer might be next up to get it so that’s why we can’t make the last days either. We are restricted to do it! I’m very dissapointed at this because I really longed for it and I have worked for it so much. I’m pissed off, that’s all I can say! But I promise that I’ll do my fucking best to make it up to you, the band and myself. We’ll be back! – Tony." www.godhate.com, www.throneaeon.com, www.mp3.com/throneaeon

May 17, 2003

MONSTROSITY will play Puerta La Cruz Venezuela today. The show will be filmed for a possible live DVD. This will mark the second show for returning vocalist, Jason Avery. Jason’s first show, back with the band, was played May 3rd in Puerto Rico and the band even made an appearance at the local San Juan mall running through a version of "Imperial Doom" for unsuspecting patrons.The band will begin recording a new studio record "Rise To Power" the beginning of July. They have already completed a pre production demo of the entire record and are just preparing now to "do it for real". Monstrosity has also confirmed a headline show in Tampa, Florida for Friday the 13th of June at the Liars Club.

SINNERS BLEED, technical Death Metal band from Berlin, have a new guitar-player. His name is Lille Gruber and he is also the drummer (!) in the German Death Metal band DEFEATED SANITY. He replaces Pele Geltat, who left the band a few weeks ago to devote himself 100% to his own band DESILENCE. Lille Gruber will appear with SINNERS BLEED on May 31, 2003 at the Fuck The Commerce Festival. All further info on the band you can find at their website: www.sinners-bleed.de

AKRIVAL have acquired a new bass-player in the shape of Gunnar Seifert from SINNERS BLEED. The first live performance with the new man on the bass is scheduled for July 19, 2003 at the Under The Black Sun festival. www.akrival.de

May 16, 2003

Snowy Shaw has just finished the mixing of NOTRE DAME‘s very last album "Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow" (which originally was supposed to be entitled "Vaudeville Le Devil").

Mexico’s DEMONIZED will release their self titled album through Osmose Productions soon.

HOUWITSER have finished their new album "Damage Assessment" at Excess Studio. It will be released in October.

DIVINE DECAY‘s "Maximize The Misery", as well as INHUME’s "In For The Kill" albums will be out in September.

May 13, 2003

WITHERING SURFACE played five succesful gigs in Germany with support bands Iniquity and My Cold Embrace. You can read an indepth tour report and check out some cool photos on the band’s website www.witheringsurface.dk. If you want them to email the tour report directly to you (either in Danish or English), let them know. Due to the fact that their new drummer, Lukas Meier, got ill after the German tour (with a kidney stone), WITHERING SURFACE had to cancel their two Swedish gigs at Belsepub (Gothenburg) on the 2nd of May and on the 3rd of May at the Sparbankshalle in Sunne. On Monday the 5th of May the new MCD "Ichor" was released in a limited edition of 1000 copies in a deluxe digipak. The tracklist includes five songs: ‘Superior Seed’ , ‘The White Path’ (both taken from the "Walking On Phantom Ice" recording session), ‘Forever Fragile’ (recorded as a bonus track for the Japanese version of "The Nude Ballet"), ‘Fading Mask’ (previously only released on the limited edition 7"ep "Forever Fragile" in 200 copies) and ‘WhoreBride’ (Live recording from the Roskilde Festival). WITHERING SURFACE are working on setting up a tour for Scandinavia, Germany and the Benelux in the Autumn. Everybody interested in booking the band should get in touch. They will furthermore be busy recording demo / pre-recordings in May and June for their upcoming album, due to be recorded in the Berno Studio (Malmö, Sweden) in July and August.

May 12, 2003

USURPER have been confirmed to play the Gathering of the Bestial Legion Festival, July 13 at Club Alondra in Bellflower, California. Also scheduled to play are PHOBIA, FOG, CATTLE DECAPITATION, TRANSMETAL, and more. Head to www.bestialfest.cjb.net for more info.

Season Of Mist have inked a deal with Canada’s EFORCE, featuring bassist Eric Forest (ex-VOIVOD). The bands first album for the label is due out this Fall.

Tumba Records will soon release a limited edition Brazilian tribute to MOTÖRHEAD. The disc will feature 18 acts from Brazil including TORTURE SQUAD, NERVOCHAOS, NECROMANCIA, BYWAR, FUNERATUR and many more.

NEPHASTH‘s upcoming Brazilian tour will run from May 30th in Brasilia to July 6th in Rio De Janeiro.

MALEVOLENT CREATION have confirmed that they will tour Brazil in June to support their new album. The first confirmed date is July 5th at Ledslay in Sao Paulo with TORTURE SQUAD , IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE , NEPHASTH and BFTW.

Cold Blood Industries have signed Holland’s AS IT BURNS. The bands debut, "Mortal Dusk", will be released this Summer.

May 11, 2003

DEW-SCENTED are currently busy at Stage One with Mr. Andy Classen recording a new album. The band would prefer not to reveal any song- or album title ideas at this stage because they still have quite some weeks ahead into finalizing the record, so things could still change drastically. But they have nailed down a total of 15 songs onto tape, 12-13 songs of those will be on the regular album and the rest will be used as bonus tracks. Among those 15 tracks there’s two cover versions (one Metal classic and a "punk" song) as well as a re-recorded version of the track ‘Skybound’ which originally appeared on their ’99 album "Ill-Natured". The album will be released in September through Nuclear Blast Records.

May 09, 2003

MTV in the US has decided to bring back HEADBANGERS BALL and the debut hits this Saturday at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT on MTV2. This particular show is being hosted by Metallica along with Iann Robinson doing the news. The news section was shot on location at L.A.’s one and only Dark Realm Records. This is the shop owned by members of Sadistic Intent where bands such as Destruction, Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral, Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem, Cradle Of Filth, Behemoth, Marduk, etc. have done in-store appearances. Headbangers Ball is back so check it out Saturday and get a glimpse of L.A.’s only shop dedicated to Extreme Metal.

It’s been a while since we heard anything new concerning the long awaited debut full length by SADISTIC INTENT, so we figured it would be a good idea to let guitarist Rick tell you the latest updates himself once again: "As far as the recording is concerned, I just got back from Bernie’s (studio) a while ago. I actually re-recorded a couple of my solos on ‘Funerals Obscure’. Back when I first recorded them I had that "producer" telling me to leave certain solos alone, even though I was not satisfied with them. I thought that they would grow on me but they didn’t so I re-recorded them. I have not gone to the studio that much and when I have, it’s only been a couple hours at a time. I’m almost done with all the guitars and then Bay wants to re-record some bass and vocals for basically the same reason I have re-done some of my solos. At the slow pace (on and off) we’ve been going, we should be done with all the tracking by August, then we can finally fix. I’m just a little worried that with Bernie being busy with all his projects (bands and work), perhaps studio time will be more limited. I know it’s taking forever but in the end I believe it’s going to be killer! I wish we were done already!!! When I hear what we’ve accomplished so far, I really enjoy it! I’ll be honest with you, when we first recorded the drum tracks, we had to start over because it just was not up to the standard Bay and I expected. We lost some money back then because we had to re-record the drums but it was worth it! I would have a hard time telling people that I was proud of it, if I was not. Fortunately it’s tight so that’s not the case!"

May 01, 2003

Painkiller Records and AblaZine.com are forced to delay the first edition of the PAINKILLER METAL FEST. According to an official press statement this was necessary because of the fact that the Phoenix Club (where the festival was supposed to take place) has no backstage area, no showers, no security, no staff, no available rooms for the bands and / or catering. The sound volume furthermore is said to be limited in the evening, so that the headlining acts would have to play less loud than the support bands and the light power-engine has burnt two days ago. But: the Festival is NOT cancelled, it is DELAYED (probably to October), all the bands / people involved in the organisation will get compensation on demand and will be present on the new date. All the fans who have booked pre-sale tickets and / or passes will get free ones for the new festival.

Dutch Death / Thrashers KATAFALK are confirmed to play on the Wâldrock festival (NL), headlined by Iron Maiden. Other festivals KATAFALK will play are With A Dragon’s Blaze (BEL), Obscene Extreme (CZECH), Stonehenge (NL), Party.San Open Air (GER) and the now postponed Painkiller Metal Festival (BEL). In September KATAFALK will embark on a mini-tour with Dew-Secented (GER) and Outburst (NL). www.katafalk.com

DELICIOUS BOWELS WEBZINE now also offer the design of flyers, homepages, banners and CD-covers and are furthermore dealing with band booking. The first two bands they’re working with are EMBEDDED and THE VAST. Organizers and bands with interest in booking one of the bands should contact: booking@delicious-bowels.com. For more detailed information have a look at: www.delicious-bowels.com.