April 20, 2007

MELEKTAUS have just recorded a new rehearsal at Sade Studios to offer an advance of their new album, which will be entitled "Hymns Of Transformation". The new songs have certain rhythmic elements that Melektaus had not exploited before, all that accompanied by the dose of brutality and speed of which they are faithful followers. The song titles are: ‘N.O.X. (The Night Of Pan)’ and ‘The Way Of Inner Voice’. The songs are available on the band’s MySpace site www.myspace.com/melektauschile.

HELRUNAR have entered Klangschmiede Studio E to record the follow-up to their album "Frostnacht" (2005). Their new work, to be entitled "Baldr Ok Íss", is bound to surpass its predecessor in terms of variability and sheer force. "The new records contains everything from dark, brutal Black Metal in the early Norwegian tradition to epic songs in the vein of Bathory, from rocking mid-tempo to delicate, fragile acoustic pieces and influences from archaic Norse folklore", Skald Draugir proudly puts on record. One of the new tracks already has gained a special importance for HELRUNAR: ‘Schwarzer Frost.’ "This song, sound and lyrics and all, is nothing less than a hymn to the original Norwegian Black Metal", the band’s vocalist and lyricist enthuses. "In an abstract way, the lyrics describe the emotions and experiences that, to us, were connected to the discovery of this kind of music back then." "Baldr Ok Íss" is scheduled for release via Lupus Lounge in autumn 2007.

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