August 26, 2007

The new SATHANAS album "Crowned Infernal" will be released in September by Pulverised Records from Singapore. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Crowned Infernal’, ‘At Death’s Command’, ‘Cast Into The Fire’, ‘Beneath The Blood Red Moon’, ‘Dawn Of Satan’s Rise’, ‘The Beast Of Revelation’, ‘Witches Sabbat’, ‘Summoning The Ancient Hordes’, ‘Necromantic Rites’, ‘Hyms From The Shadow Land’ and ‘Sacrificial Kingdom’. The band will be opening for Overkill and Dark Funeral on October 18 at Peabody’s Down Under in Cleveland, Ohio along with DAATH, NAGLFAR and THE AGONIST. Tickets are available from the band members or may be purchased online by visiting Advance ticket price is $20.00. Also available at this time is the new SATHANAS "The Beast Of Revelation" t-shirt, featuring the the artwork of renowned artist Kris Verwimp.

"Ein Kakophonischer Lebenshauch" is the title of the first official live-recording of Germany’s raw and dirty groovy old school Death/Grinders DEPRESSION. These recordings are from their very last gig in 2006 (the band only played 10 gigs in their entire career). As an extra bonus a new and exclusive studio track (‘DalaiDahmer’) is included, only available on this record. You can order it for 8,-€ (Germany + 2,-€ postage, Europe + 5,-€ postage, overseas + 6,-€ postage) through the band’s website

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